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Perry - Kimbrell BBQ Photo

Perry Receives Warm Welcome in South Carolina!

Thanks to you, our “Restoring American Greatness Townhall / BBQ” on Friday evening with Governor Rick Perry was an amazing success. Over 150 South Carolina conservatives ...

Political Prosecution Doesn’t Just Happen in Wisconsin

The recent news out of Wisconsin that private citizens there were targeted with unfounded investigations and prosecutions should be as scary as it is outrageous to every American. That ...
Supreme Court

The Roe vs. Wade of Marriage?

Today the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments over whether or not same-sex couples should have a fundamental, constitutional right to marry. Opponents of natural ...
Restoring American Greatness Townhall BBQ1

Join Governor Rick Perry and Josh Kimbrell May 8th in Greer!

Make plans now to join the 47th Governor of Texas and Host of “Common Cents” Josh Kimbrell on Friday evening, May 8th at Dickey’s BBQ in Greer SC (off Wade Hampton ...

SC Pain Capable Bill in Jeopardy? Not if we can help it!!

COLUMBIA, SC – (From SC Citizens for Life)  – The full S.C. Senate Medical Affairs Committee will take up the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H3114) on Thursday, ...

The First Amendment Under Fire: The Left’s Use of the LGBT Agenda to Silence Religious Freedom

There are days it feels like we are living in the Twilight Zone, not the United States of America. News headlines recently read that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an executive ...

Two Years Later, I Still Oppose Reauthorizing EXIM

Below is an article I wrote two years ago as Congress was debating the reauthorization of the Export-Import (EXIM) Bank. The reauthorization debate is about to heat up again next month, ...

Second Verse, Same as the First

Recently I’ve been reading a parallel biography of US President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill that explores the keys to these men’s larger-than-life ...


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