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What Charlotte Says About Us All

For the past week, Americans have been glued to network news and social media to watch the ongoing fall-out over a police shooting in the Queen City. Charlotte is a southern hotspot ...

Common Cents Spartanburg GOP Unity Rally

Join us at Dickey’s BBQ at Village Greens Golf Course in Inman, SC on Thursday night, October 13th, at 6:30pm for our GOP unity BBQ rally. Hosted by “Common Cents w/ Josh ...

Remembrance and Resolve on September 11th

Alan Jackson wrote a song in 2001 that asked the question, “where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?” For most of us of age to remember, we will ...

Does the IRS Keep Olympians from Going for Gold?

What’s the first thing our Olympic medalists will receive when they return from Rio? A tax notice from the IRS. True to form, the federal tax collectors will punish Olympic victory ...
Only God Can

Only God Can in South Carolina

Join SC-based Christian entertainment company Inspire You Entertainment for their Greenville showing of their excellent new movie “Only God Can” at Hollywood 20! Get your ...

Who’s Plagarizing Whom: Did the Democrats Lift Lines From Karl Marx?

Much was made of Melania Trump’s borrowed lines during last week’s Republican National Convention, but there has been very little mention of the borrowed ideas at this week’s ...

The Last Great Hope

On this 240th anniversary of American independence, we stand at a crossroads for our country. Our nation is experiencing challenges both at home and abroad, and those challenges seen ...

Britain’s Declaration of Independence

Yesterday, the country from which America fought for its Liberty, fought for its own. The United Kingdom of Great Britain became the first member country of the European Union to declare ...


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