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Second Verse, Same as the First

Recently I’ve been reading a parallel biography of US President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill that explores the keys to these men’s larger-than-life ...
Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus: Criminal or Anti-Caliphate Explorer?

Revisionist historians on too many of America’s college campuses – and most of the political left in this country for that matter – have painted a picture of Christopher Columbus ...

South Carolina is Still Standing for Marriage

The popular expression “don’t mess with Texas” is fine and well, but one could just as easily say the same about South Carolina. We’re a state that has never backed-down from ...

Net Tax Increase not Necessary to Fix SC’s Crumbling Infrastructure

Recently, there’s been a discussion in our state about raising gasoline taxes in an effort to repair our crumbling roads and bridges infrastructure. We’re being told that if counties ...
South Carolina Statehouse

The Way Forward for South Carolina Conservatives

I am a lifelong Palmetto State Republican, who is so deeply proud of the accomplishments of our great state. As I often say in speeches and on the radio, I truly believe South Carolina ...

Don’t Play Roulette with SC’s Future

Since I started the show “Common Cents,” I have been telling folks across our state that a strong culture leads to a strong economy, and that a strong economy reinforces a strong ...

The Domino Effect: How America’s bad Monetary Policy Has Led to Foreign Policy Failure

The Domino Effect is a familiar expression in American Culture, which is used to describe how a series of events plays out through chain reactions. While most of us are familiar with ...

E. Pluribus Unum: A Motto for Patriotic Immigration Policy

The motto of the United States was changed in 1954 to “In God We Trust,” which I believe is an apt characterization of America’s civic culture; however, the motto of the nation ...


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