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The Iowa Caucus Sets-Up a Conservative Comeback!

Last night’s Iowa Caucus highlighted the energy and excitement of this year’s GOP race. A record number of Republicans voted in the first in the nation caucus, while Democratic ...

Merry Christmas!!!


Willful Ignorance

On Wednesday morning in San Bernardino, California, a devout Muslim of Pakistani descent and his young bride walked into a government office and committed mass homicide. Syed Farook, ...

How Capitalism Created an American Holiday

There are many things for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving, not the least of which is free-market capitalism in America. Many folks don’t realize it, but the English Puritans ...

Today, We Are All Parisians

The Friday evening attack on the French capital is sending shockwaves around the world, and should serve as a wake-up call in our country. ISIS fighters who took advantage of Europe’s ...

Is Barack Obama the GOP’s Best Campaigner?

A GOP strategist earlier this week summed-up the legacy of the Obama Presidency best with a succinct Tweet. Republican activist Roy Cooper tweeted Tuesday that “Under President Obama, ...

Does South Carolina Need a Bathroom Bill? It Certainly Seems Like It.

It is amazing that our culture has so eroded that state legislatures across the country are contemplating and passing laws that would prohibit people from using opposite sex public ...

Does Your Town Participate in the Insurance Tax Collection Program?

Today on “Common Cents” we discussed how the Municipal Association of South Carolina has helped municipalities across the state fleece SC citizens of $1.6 billion over of ...


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