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When Will America Run Out of Money?

The Federal Reserve’s manipulation of the money system is moving America perilously close to the collapse of the dollar. Never one to be an alarmist, I do believe that quantitative ...

Aiding Israel is An Investment in America’s Future

There’s a healthy debate raging in America right now over the issue of foreign aid. Millions of Americans rightly feel that our country is spending too much money on overseas projects ...

Voter ID Laws Keep All Americans Voting!

With the President’s approval rating averages now falling below the levels of Richard Nixon, defenders of the administration, particularly Attorney General Eric Holder, have resorted ...

Where They Wanted the Power to Reside

Today we celebrate the 238th anniversary of America’s independence from the British Crown, and the beginning of our great nation. On July 4th, 1776, delegates to the Continental ...

SCOTUS Ruling About Religious Liberty, Not Birth Control Pills

While the political left and the mainstream media mourn the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States today, Americans who still cherish the First Amendment have cause for ...

Supreme Court Reigns-In King-Like Powers of the Presidency Just in Time for Independence Day

Over the course of the past six years, constitutional government in this country has seen more than its share of defeats. In fact, the sustained assault against the separation of powers, ...

When They Don’t Pay Attention

Eric Cantor’s loss to an unknown, underfunded candidate in the GOP primary in Virginia’s 7th congressional district was as needed as it was unexpected. Few political observers ...

Has the Presidency Morphed Into a Monarchy?

For decades, dating back at least to the Nixon years, politicians and pundits from both parties have decried the “imperial presidency” that has become increasingly-powerful. When ...


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