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Final Debate Preview on Fox News

This past Saturday, Josh appeared on Fox News in Washington, DC in a preview of this Wednesday’s final presidential debate. This is likely Trump’s last chance to steer away ...

Hillary’s House of Clinton

For the past three years, many of us have spent the first weeks of February watching Frank and Claire Underwood worm their way into the presidency on House of Cards. Netflix has made ...

A Campaign About Two People, Not We The People

I never thought we would miss the debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, but the last two debates have made 2012 seem serious. The candidates and the moderators have spent more ...
Gov. Nikki Haley

Woman in the Arena

There are always armchair quarterbacks. In sports, as in life, there are always those who sit safely in the stands and criticize those in the arena. Hurricane response has proven to ...

South Carolina Needs “Jacob’s Law”

Following little Jacob Hall’s passing Saturday afternoon, due to fatal injuries sustained during the shooting at Townville Elementary School in Anderson, SC, I am calling on the ...

What Charlotte Says About Us All

For the past week, Americans have been glued to network news and social media to watch the ongoing fall-out over a police shooting in the Queen City. Charlotte is a southern hotspot ...

Common Cents Spartanburg GOP Unity Rally

Join us at Dickey’s BBQ at Village Greens Golf Course in Inman, SC on Thursday night, October 13th, at 6:30pm for our GOP unity BBQ rally. Hosted by “Common Cents w/ Josh ...

Remembrance and Resolve on September 11th

Alan Jackson wrote a song in 2001 that asked the question, “where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?” For most of us of age to remember, we will ...


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