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The Last Great Hope

On this 240th anniversary of American independence, we stand at a crossroads for our country. Our nation is experiencing challenges both at home and abroad, and those challenges seen ...

Britain’s Declaration of Independence

Yesterday, the country from which America fought for its Liberty, fought for its own. The United Kingdom of Great Britain became the first member country of the European Union to declare ...

Remembering the Emmanuel 9

Yesterday our state marked the one year anniversary of a deranged gunman, motivated by racial animus, killing nine of our fellow citizens in Charleston. This act of hatred was intended ...

The Collapse of the Reagan Conservative Coalition

Thirty-six years ago Ronald Reagan built a conservative coalition that dislodged Democratic control of DC, dismantled Soviet Communism, and reignited America’s culture and economy ...
South Carolina Statehouse

Josh Kimbrell’s Testimony in favor of S. 1203 in Columbia

On Thursday, Josh testified before a Senate Subcommittee in favor of S.1203 — the bathroom privacy bill.

Christian Businesses Must Stand-Up to Corporate Bullying

When state legislatures start passing “Bathroom Bills” to protect people from secular-progressive political correctness, you know that our nation’s moral compass has collapsed. ...

It’s Time for Shared Parenting in South Carolina

In a time when there’s lots of legislation coming out of Columbia and Washington that threatens our rights and freedoms, it’s refreshing to find an exception. The exception I’m ...

We Need a Conservative Consensus After South Carolina

Make no mistake, our state did not give a mandate to Donald Trump last night. Yes, he won a decisive victory, and I would not try to deny it, but two thirds of SC Republicans voted ...


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