Our Support of Josh Kimbrell

The Board of Directors of Palmetto Conservative Alliance issues the following statement in support of Josh Kimbrell:

In our experience with Josh Kimbrell, we know him to be a loving, devoted father to his son.

Josh has a right to be presumed innocent. At this stage in the process, the allegations that have been made against Josh are only allegations, not proof, which must be determined by the legal system.

Josh is in the midst of a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife to maintain an on-going parenting relationship with his three year-old son. It is not uncommon that allegations such as these arise in the course of such disputes, particularly when the complainant, in this case the ex-wife, can benefit from the allegations.

It is our hope that the truth surrounding these allegations will quickly become evident for all concerned. Pending the legal outcomes of this matter, we stand together in our support of Josh.

Members of the Board of Directors include:

Dr. Tony Beam
Robert Chandler
Scott Cline
Cindy Costa
Dr. Mike Hamlet
Bobby Leconey
Jim Lee
Alexia Newman
Lisa Van Riper
Frank Rogers
Jeff Russo
Dave Wilson

Please support Josh Kimbrell’s Legal Defense Fund.

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