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The Domino Effect: How America’s bad Monetary Policy Has Led to Foreign Policy Failure

The Domino Effect is a familiar expression in American Culture, which is used to describe how a series of events plays out through chain reactions. While most of us are familiar with ...

E. Pluribus Unum: A Motto for Patriotic Immigration Policy

The motto of the United States was changed in 1954 to “In God We Trust,” which I believe is an apt characterization of America’s civic culture; however, the motto of the nation ...

To Inflate or Deflate? The Question We Shouldn’t Be Asking.

Though each of us uses American dollars to pay for products and services each and every day, we rarely take the time to think of the value of money. No, this isn’t going to be some ...

Is DOJ Sneaking Gun Control Through the Back Door?

Unable to get its gun control agenda through Congress, the Obama Administration is now attempting to pressure private banks into putting the squeeze on gun stores and gun manufacturers. This ...

Obama Administration’s Latest Overreach Could Shatter the Golden Arches

The Obama Administration has a nasty habit of upending decades of established legal precedent, and established law, with nothing more than its own opinion as justification. Take the ...

Democrats Were Counting on Impeachment to Raise Money and Drive Voters

Democrats were counting on impeachment, and they’re disappointed that it hasn’t happened in time for the 2014 midterm elections. Ever since the GOP grew a spine and decided ...

When Will America Run Out of Money?

The Federal Reserve’s manipulation of the money system is moving America perilously close to the collapse of the dollar. Never one to be an alarmist, I do believe that quantitative ...

Aiding Israel is An Investment in America’s Future

There’s a healthy debate raging in America right now over the issue of foreign aid. Millions of Americans rightly feel that our country is spending too much money on overseas projects ...


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