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Spending Cuts v. Accounting Changes

As if it wasn’t already clear enough, the current battle over the budget demonstrates President Obama’s unwillingness to seriously address America’s long term deficit crisis. As Representative Paul Ryan and other conservatives in Congress propose adult plans to cut trillions over the next decade, the President’s “budget” solutions tend more toward accounting changes than tangible and significant cuts.

As the deadline for a government shutdown is fast approaching, the temporary continuing resolution expires on Friday, the battle lines are being drawn. The adults are on one side, advocating real and substantial cuts, while the President and others given to pettiness stand on the other promoting gimmicks and cover-ups. Though the President has yet to officially release a plan, it appears to focus more on accounting changes, such as extending depreciation terms on government buildings, to show savings on paper, than on real change. This is not surprising, as the President and his allies in Congress are more interested in PR stunts than meaningful reform.

How could the American People expect anything different from a President who announced his reelection bid before releasing his budget proposals to avert a government shutdown? And it’s not just the President. Republican Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah) said today on Fox News that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is already circulating a fundraising letter blaming the Republicans for a government shutdown. It is campaign mode for the left, while the city is burning.

The American People need to stand up alongside conservatives in the House and Senate, like South Carolina’s own Senator Jim DeMint, and Congressmen like Jeff Duncan, Mick Mulvaney, and Trey Gowdy. We need to make it abundantly clear that we see what’s really going on in Washington, and we know who is to blame if a shutdown comes…and who isn’t.

This is a time for serious reform, which will require serious people. Someone needs to tell President Obama and Harry Reid that their 15 minutes is up. Let’s get serious about saving our country.

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