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The Fluke of Modern Feminism

With the sudden reemergence of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student who raised a ruckus over forced funding for birth control, it’s time for all Americans to ask why. Ms. Fluke, if you will recall, was the young lady who testified to Nancy Pelosi’s faux Congressional committee on “women’s reproductive rights,” claiming that birth control pills cost several thousand dollars per year, and that Georgetown’s catholic stance against funding contraception in their student health plan was an unnecessary burden on women. The fact that forcing folks to pay for someone else’s contraception in the form of funding mandates aside, Ms. Fluke’s facts are all wrong. Several news organizations, including The Daily Caller, have found a month’s supply of traditional birth control pills to run around $9.00 at Walmart. For the mathematically challenged, that amounts to around $108 per year, only $2,892 off from Ms. Fluke’s estimation.

These figures are illustrative of Ms. Fluke’s, and liberals’ who are trying to fabricate a “Republican war on women,” true intentions. They want to uphold the egregious forced contraception and abortifacient mandates included in ObamaCare by appealing to emotion, even under false pretenses. The forced funding mandates are about something deeper than ensuring someone else pays for young women’s contraception; it is about the Administration’s continued efforts to undermine religious liberty and organizational and individual autonomy in America. This entire argument that conservatives are attacking women’s rights is a cliché campaign that is going to end in bigger government and less freedom. If forced funding mandates are upheld in ObamaCare, it’s not going to be a victory for contraception, but a victory for those who want to radically redefine America and freedom of religion in this country.

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Sandra Fluke is not interested in women’s equality; she is interested in a militant feminism that seeks to tear down traditional structures in society. Ms. Fluke and her supporters aren’t interested in assuring women’s independence; else they wouldn’t be so hell-bent on making them dependent on the state. Instead, Ms. Fluke comes from a long line of radical feminists who are interested in a Marxist deconstructionist view of the world that seeks to undermine the family, faith and free markets in our nation. In fact, a joint statement by radical feminists like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan released in the late 60’s early 70’s read as follows: “We want to destroy the three pillars of class and a caste society – the family, private property and the state.” That sounds more like the writing of a Karl Marx disciple than it does of folks who are fighting for freedom and equality.

In the name of “women’s liberation,” radical feminists have made our country a less-secure and less prosperous place for women and men alike. One of the first legislative targets of radical feminists in the 1960’s and 1970’s was “at fault” divorce laws in all fifty states. These “at fault” divorce laws held accountable the person who abandoned their spouse, and held couples accountable for the covenants they voluntarily made. The undermining of the cohesion of the marital unit has moved radical progressivism closer to one of its stated goals: the destruction of the nucleic family, which will pave the way for ever more intrusive government.

The tactics of the secular progressive left with regard to Sandra Fluke and the false debate over birth control is yet another effort to undermine the institution of the family and institutions of faith in this country. Sandra Fluke may as well have parroted the statement of Gloria Steinem when she launched her war against traditional values several decades ago “We don’t just want to destroy Capitalism – we want to tear down the whole f***ing patriarchy.” When radical feminists deem faith, free markets, freedom and the family as a sort of “comfortable concentration camp,” they simply cannot be reached with reason. In the name of supposedly speaking for all women, radical feminists like Sandra Fluke have undermined real rights for real women who believe in traditional values of faith and family. It’s not unlike an Obama campaign spokesperson claiming that, because Ann Romney stayed home to raise her family, “She’s never worked a day in her life.” Who are the real sexists here?

In the end, open minded Americans are forced to admit that modern day, radical feminism isn’t about equal rights for women. Instead, the feminism of Marxist deconstructionists like Sandra Fluke has more to do with destroying traditional values and the institutions of freedom than ensuring women’s equal rights. This is evidenced by the fact that there are many, many conservative women fighting for conservatism in the role of governors, congresswomen, senators, executives, wives and mothers. The only people condescending women are those who wish to degrade them for choosing family, and those who would deny them a truly free choice to embrace faith, freedom and free markets.

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