When a DC Shooting Hits Too Close to Home

Yesterday’s shooting at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, DC has struck too close to home for me.

This week, I’ve been broadcasting from our nation’s capital in the very studios of the Family Research Council.

Not but a few hours before I was to go on air, a lone gunman – intent on wreaking havoc on the very people standing for faith, family and freedom – passed through the same doors I had walked through the night before, started muttering something about Chick-fil-A and hate, and shot security guard Leo Johnson. Visitors in the lobby helped Johnson bring down the 28-year-old man who was carrying an extra clip of ammunition with him.

I’m thankful to know that Mr. Johnson, who was shot in the arm, is in stable condition, but it leaves me to wonder where the left stands on this issue. Media coverage of this has been minimal. If the shooting had been at Planned Parenthood’s offices in DC, the story would top the newscasts, but not so for a Christian organization whose stance for family values flies in the face of a gay, liberal agenda.

What do we make of this? Will this be labeled a hate crime? Is it domestic terrorism? Legally, the FBI’s investigation will lead the US Attorney’s office to file appropriate charges against the gunman; however, spiritually, it reminds me that the battle raging “in the heavenly realms” will often spill over right in front of us.

Standing with you in the fight for right and truth!

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5 Responses to "When a DC Shooting Hits Too Close to Home"

  1. KWL says:

    Josh, I understand your shock and bewilderment; my daughter was in the Aurora theater shooting and I just returned from visiting her. I am so glad, in this case, that someone took this guy down. The people in Theater 9 weren’t so lucky due to a conceal-carry ban in Aurora. As you know, the ban did not stop the bad dude. In SC I have a CWP and have found myself more cautious than usual. Anywahere i go now I face the door and am on-ready at all times. This will not happen to me or people around me i assure you. thanks

  2. susan kluge says:

    Josh, I heard about this when it happened, knowing about the Family Research Council and their goals. The malignancy of this evil is terrifying. Luckily, our Lord understands this fear and is there to comfort and console. Our prayers are for all you folks involved, the victim, and to you and Kacy.
    Susan and Russell

  3. I am so sorry to hear about this crazy man and this aweful violence> I am thankful to God that the security guard is alright and for the brave people that helped bring this man down before he hurt any one else . To be a christian or to have a belief other than the liberals is a beginning to be a dangerous belief to have . Who what have thought that in America this outrage is happening and with a president that we have in the white house and his minions and his attitude towards those who worship God is outrageous — and to top it all off — organizations are being labeled as a hate group for just believing in God and the principles that are found in the Bible . Whether you believe in the Bible or in God — what happened to freedom of religion – to worship and believe the way that we want —- we must all pray for our great country

  4. KWL says:

    To reject God, to “hate” Godliness, is to reject the way of the spirit world and choose Satan. Obummer is clearly a godless atheist who believes the government is God. As I hear on the radio today, he likes the MONKEY GOD! If Obummer’s god is a monkey then there may well be truth that God created some leaders in his image. And I don’t mean a PRIMATE, I mean a baboon.

  5. Gustaf says:

    /Great blog, Josh. I viewed this nugget on the net./

    Gay Agenda Behind DC Shooting

    If something is unnatural or anti-American or anti-Christian, the Southern Poverty Law Center is drawn to it like flies to something smelly. Which is why the SPLC hates the Family Research Council which is pro-traditional family, pro-America, and pro-Christ.
    After the shooting at FRC headquarters, which could have been a massacre, FRC president Tony Perkins stated that the SPLC has “been reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy.”
    The SPLC calls the FRC a “hate” group because it follows Christ who said to His followers “Love your enemies” (Matt. 5:44).
    By way of contrast, heavily Jewish SPLC follows the ages-old Talmud which HATES science, females, children (homosexual sex with children is okay!), all Gentiles, Jesus (who was born a “bastard” – Jewish Encyclopedia), and all Christians! For sources Google or Yahoo “The Earliest Hate Criminals,” “The Talmud and double standards” (July 3, 2012), and “Talmud” (Wikipedia).
    Be sure to Google “Zionist Watch” (5/26/2007) which called SPLC founder Morris Dees “a Jewish radical leftist pervert…sexual deviant…flagrant adulterer…[and] alleged child molester,” also Google “The Anti-Chick-fil-A Jihad” and “Mikey Weinstein, Jesus-Basher.”
    As you can tell, the SPLC (which is chummy with fellow schmucks including the ADL and ACLU) is a “love” group!
    BTW, the one five-letter name starting with “J” that SPLC etc. hate (no, not James or Julia) warned in Matt. 24:9 that in the end times “ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” (I wonder how soon the SPLC will work for the banning of the Bible, the one book that America’s greatest leaders highly exalted – Google “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right.”)
    While the SPLC and think-alikes are busy back-stabbing evangelicals (viewed as Israel’s best friends), the same schmucks are creating a huge backlash that will bring about the predicted end-time slaughter of two-thirds of Jewry and Jerusalem’s devastation (Zech. 13 & 14). By doing all it can to help fulfill the Bible’s predictions, the pervs at the you-know-what are actually making the Bible even more believable!

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