The Coming French Revolution in SC

Yesterday, South Carolina was targeted by yet another group of activists intent on undermining our very way of life. Earlier this year I warned you that the ACLU was targeting South Carolina schools to try and push God from the classroom, the football field and from school activities.  Now, a second national group has joined the ACLU’s battle in the Palmetto State. The Secular Coalition for America has launched a state affiliate here in SC to continue the purge of Christian Values from the public arena in our own communities.

For several weeks on Common Cents, I’ve discussed the differences between the American and French Revolutions and what they mean for us in this second decade of the 21st Century. I firmly believe, and history bears out this fact, that the American Revolution was based on the belief that the rights of all men and women are unalienable because they come from our Creator. Because of this belief, America is a nation that has adhered to limited government, due to our fundamental belief that government exists only to protect our pre-existing, eternal rights. In the American view, government does not exist to determine or grant our rights to us. That’s why secularizing America will gut America as we know it; we simply cannot maintain institutions of limited government and individual freedom, which are essential to the maintenance of liberty, without a philosophical basis for these institutions.

When organizations like the ACLU target faith in the public arena, they are attacking the very essence of America. These attacks against our most fundamental beliefs and foundations of freedom are an attack against America as we know it. This should not be surprising; however, as the founder of the ACLU was a man named Roger Baldwin, an avowed Communist activist, who sought to dismantle America’s system of constitutional government. Baldwin stated, unapologetically, “I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is, of course, the goal.” This sort of rhetoric underscores my firm conviction that economic and social policy go hand-in-hand, and that secularization always leads to socialization. In order to destroy unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, otherwise summed-up as personhood and property, a society must first be purged of the belief that those rights are God-given and, therefore, inviolable.

The current rush toward secularization in our nation is of such deep concern to those of us who love liberty. We are, quickly, committing cultural suicide by undermining our own philosophical foundation for freedom. If we embrace the French Revolutionary concept, which stands in direct opposition to the American Revolution, and assert that human rights can be maintained through secular-humanism, we are doomed to repeat their failure. Without any concept that rights come from an authority higher than human government, rights are arbitrary and freedom is never more than one governmental edict away from extinction. This is the inherent consequence of secularizing our nation: socialization is soon to follow.

We on Common Cents and our affiliate action organization, the Palmetto Conservative Alliance Foundation, do not plan on standing idly by. This assault on American Values and the foundations of freedom cannot stand in South Carolina. We are already working with our friends at the Alliance Defending Freedom to push-back against this assault, and we will direct every resource at our discretion at exposing the agenda of these aggressive secular-progressive organizations, in a determined effort to preserve the legacy of faith, family, freedom and free-markets that has defined the Palmetto State for so many years.

Please join us in our fight to preserve South Carolina. Since I firmly believe that South Carolina is in the best position to lead a restoration of the nation, the destruction of our culture in this state will pose an existential threat to our national character. The Left knows this, which is why they have directed such resources to dismantling South Carolina. We cannot allow this to happen. The future of our state and nation depends upon our success.

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One Response to "The Coming French Revolution in SC"

  1. I stand against ACLU any time and every time I have that chance. This is no different. May God plant His feet squarely on SC, and prevent ACLU from doing any further damage to our State or to our country. May He in fact reign supreme here and all over America. And may we each one have guts enough to stand tall beside Him! Amen

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