Forgive Then Borrow?

Not only am I absolutely appalled at the President’s abandonment of one our our strongest allies, but now he wants to provide financial aide to one of Israel’s oldest adversaries. Barack Obama yesterday called on Israel to give up some of its most sacred soil, thus returning to her pre-1967 borders. Now, he is proposing that the United States forgive $1 billion in foreign aide loans to Egypt. There are numerous absurdities surrounding the President’s proposals, but two facets are the most frustrating.

First, that the United States would forgive loans to a newly formed Egyptian government, which is very likely to be controlled by the Islamic brotherhood, is tantamount to funding a terrorist regime. For all of Hosni Mubarak’s faults, and of his I am certainly no fan, he was moderate toward Israel, for he feared the West. Any government in Cairo consisting of the Islamic Brotherhood is likely to desire Israel’s dismantling. The President’s forgiveness of a $1 billion foreign aide loan to this new regime enables them to strengthen their position, which will further jeopardize a newly-vulnerable Israel. No American President should so egregiously abandon our ally.

Secondly, with what money will Obama forgive aide to Egypt? Last time I checked, the United States Government was running a deficit well over $14 trillion. In order to provide aide to the Egyptians, we will have to BORROW ADDITIONAL FUNDS. Why on Earth would the President of the United States borrow funds from nations like China, on which American taxpayers must pay interest, to hand it to newly radicalized nations like Egypt? These actions truly defy logic.

I call on conservatives in the Congress to stand-up to the President and oppose this forgiveness of foreign aide. All financial bills must originate in the United States House of Representatives. I call on members of that Chamber to explore options for restricting foreign aide funds to nations that include terrorist factions in their governments. This would, most certainly, apply to the newly forming government of Egypt.

For the President to oppose long time allies like the State of Israel is bad enough. For the President to, simultaneously, throw an ally under the bus, while providing financial aide to a nation poised to be a resurgent aggressor against them, is unconscionable.


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One Response to "Forgive Then Borrow?"

  1. Nate says:

    I agree 100%. We as a public need to stand up and stop this presidents backwards foreign policy. We need to demand that our representatives call him on the carpet for violations of the constitution.

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