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South Carolina Still Leads the Way

Today our state did something it’s rather well known for doing: it made history.

I’ve said for years that restoration for our nation will come through South Carolina, and today my conviction is reinforced. The appointment of Lowcountry Conservative US Representative Tim Scott to the United States Senate was a move that will have national repercussions.

Senator Tim Scott will be one of the most effective and impassioned voices for freedom in Washington, which is fitting for anyone who follows in the footsteps of Jim DeMint. Tim Scott is a man of tremendous conviction, which stems from his tried and true faith in Christ and love for America.

Scott’s story is an truly American story, which ranges from not being able to afford a Chic-Fil-A sandwich in high school, to becoming the junior US Senator from South Carolina just a few short decades later. This story is a quintessential statement about the character of our country, and it speaks to the conservative values of faith and hard work that have built this greatest of nations.Scott is, indeed, an embodiment of the American Spirit, and his commitment first to Jesus Christ, and then our country, is a combination all-too-rare in Washington.

Soon-to-be Senator Tim Scott gives me tremendous pride in our state, and great hope for America’s future. He shatters the stereotype that government is the answer to the economically hurting and the disadvantaged, and proves that community, character and commitment are still the values that build lives in addition to nations. From the conversations I’ve had with Representative Scott on my radio program Common Cents, to private conversations when no one else was looking, he has always been the same man, with the same values – both in public and in private.

I believe that God is at work in America, and particularly around our State. Though it seems that our shared American Values of faith, family, freedom and free-markets are under such a withering assault that they cannot withstand, a light shines in the darkness. The flame of liberty has been reignited countless times in our nation’s history, and often by those who have risen through adversity.

Tim Scott is a man who has the core convictions required to right our ship of state, and I ask you to join me and our fellow South Carolinians in praying for his great success in the United States Senate.

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