Moral Marxism: Not Just Marginalizing, but Silencing, the Mainstream

emptypodium_300In an excellent piece penned the day after Passion Conference evangelist Louis Giglio was pushed off President Obama’s second inaugural program, Al Mohler of Southern Seminary in Louisville labeled the attack “Moral McCarthyism.”

In so doing, Mohler brilliantly barbed the secular-progressive left using one of their favorite lines of attack. For decades, since the McCarthy hearings themselves, secular-progressives have accused anyone who challenges their public policies of engaging in “McCarthyism.”

While I certainly agree with Al Mohler’s assessment of the Left’s strategy to tear-down any opposition to their positions, and to tolerate only that with which they agree, I believe there is a deeper, more sinister force at work, that of Moral Marxism that seeks to systematically subvert existing societal structures only to replace them with a model more palatable to the secular-progressive mindset.

McCarthyism is derived from the anti-communist hearings that U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin held in the 1950s. McCarthy rightly recognized that Communist agents and sympathizers had infiltrated the United States during the Cold War, and he held hearings to investigate numerous government officials he suspected of holding these views. While he certainly took his hearings too far, and turned a serious issue into a public spectacle, McCarthy wasn’t entirely wrong about the real threat that faced America. History has borne out the fact that there were, indeed, Soviet Communists in the American government, something corroborated by a 1995 declassification of Cold War archives.

The actions that earned Senator McCarthy the ire of history included publicly berating government officials the Senator suspected of Communist sympathies. While his concerns had credence, his legacy was tarnished by an over-zealousness that undermined his otherwise legitimate goal. As a result, modern historians largely glaze over the reality that there were Soviet spies buried in American bureaucracies, and have, instead, directed their disgust entirely at Joseph McCarthy.

The result of this revisionism is that the Left now has the “McCarthyism” cliché to toss at conservatives who question their attempts to secularize American culture and socialize the American economy. Anytime a concerned citizen raises an eyebrow at attempts by the Left to undermine the right to life, religious liberty or a free economy, they are ridiculed as a medium channeling Joe McCarthy. This tendency of the politically correct makes Al Mohler’s moves all the more impressive; he has exposed the inherent hypocrisy of these purveyors of political correctness.

Throwing a Christian minister off of the inaugural program because he holds the belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman embodies eveerything that the McCarthyism cliché  has become. The charge of the Left is that the McCarthy hearings were marked by a “witch hunt” that probed a person’s past for any inkling of Communist connection. At the same time, however, they consider Christian convictions on marriage to be the cardinal sin, more so than being a Communist ever could. If a pastor, public official or private citizen has ever spoken out in favor of traditional marriage and the family, they are passed off as a backward bigot and dangerously deluded. Even Joseph McCarthy didn’t do this.

In a sickeningly ironic twist, the same Marxist principles that created Communism in the realm of economics are now being applied to cultural structures and political institutions. Marxist deconstructionism is marked by the use of legal structures and cultural conditioning to undermine existing institutions and replace them with ones that achieve an altogether different goal. So, though Communism as a largely socio-economic threat to our country from without has waned, Marxist deconstructionism as an internal threat has begun to take hold. Institutions once viewed as the foundation of a free society, such as marriage, family and a free economy, are treated as threats to democracy itself, while collectivism, censorship and political correctness are viewed as liberating influences. Down is up, up is down, good is evil and evil is good.

The “Moral McCarthyism” that subjects citizens of conviction to ridicule for following the principles of their faith is the product of a Moral Marxism that has been corroding our culture for at least the past four decades.

Marxist regimes like that of the Soviet Communists could not rival America economically or militarily from without, but the same philosophies at the heart of those regimes are at work transforming America from within, and those who wish to stand on their convictions are subject to scorn that makes McCarthy’s “Red Scare” seem subdued.

A witch hunt of epic proportions is underway, all in the name of tolerance and inclusion. It seems that the evidence is establishing the fact that this tolerance and inclusion only includes views in sync with the secular-socialist point-of-view. Only cultural Marxism could achieve such a feat, where oppression is called freedom and freedom is labeled oppression. The mainstream has been deemed marginal, and the marginal mainstream.

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3 Responses to "Moral Marxism: Not Just Marginalizing, but Silencing, the Mainstream"

  1. Marlene Saad says:

    What good is just reporting – talking about – our Marxist President and his agenda for America – to destroy us!
    Where are the heros and patriots who will fight to rid us of this mess – before it gets out of hand????
    Are most Americans today “socialists” and are simply laying down while Obama steamrolls us??? He is a typical Marxist – who lies through his teeth – offers the world to lowly – and will soon take it all away from them.. The rich will survive – but not low income or no income poor souls…
    Its time to take off the gloves – I would not count on the Republicans and Democrats in the government to fight back – they are “wooses”!! We must protect ourselves but still need a leader to keep us organized – there is no one! It is everybody for themselves – I am afraid.

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