Our Opponents Pose as Game Officials

nfl-ref-lockout-officially-over__oPtArguably the greatest hoax the Left has been able to pull off in their march to remake America is portraying themselves as non-ideological, while painting anyone who disagrees with them as being driven by blind ideology.

Since the Super Bowl is on Sunday, let’s put this into a football analogy. Imagine the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens putting one of their players into a referee’s outfit and having that player referee the game.

Just because one of the partisan players dons an outfit designed to obscure his partisanship doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an agenda; his agenda may be hidden, but it remains unchanged: short-change the opposing side while posing as unbiased, objective and “only interested in what works.”

This may sound ludicrous, but in the arena of ideas this is exactly what liberal activists have achieved.

Several weeks ago I wrote a piece called the “Syllogisms of Senselessness” in which I described how the secular-progressive left cheats in the arena of ideas. They seek to short-circuit meaningful debate over real issues by using cliché statements created by syllogisms (if you need an explanation of a syllogism, please read the aforementioned article). Another tactic of the secular-progressive left’s, one that I painfully discovered while watching MSNBC (yes, I am a masochist), is that they portray themselves as pragmatic and non-ideological, while they are among the most irrational and ideologically driven people in the country. This projection of non-ideological pragmatism is the Trojan horse the Left uses to insert radical ideas into the American mainstream.

We have certainly seen this attempt in the ongoing debate over the definition of marriage in this nation. The Left has portrayed radically redefining this most sacred of human relationships as pragmatic and “the sensible thing to do.” They pretend that the nation is denying homosexuals equal rights, and that there is some sort of ban on homosexual marriages or relationships. Neither is the case. This nation neither denies homosexuals equal protection under the law, nor has banned homosexual unions. What this nation has done is affirm the community and society building power of marriage between one man and one woman, and has sanctioned this union as being in the state’s vested interest. The only imposition of values that is taking place in the debate over marriage is the imposition of radical inequality in the name of achieving equality.

The issue is, at its core, about whether or not the Left will succeed in having government impose same sex marital relationships on the majority of the American people, who choose not to engage in or sanction such unions. If the Left succeeds, they will force every single citizen and business in this nation to recognize a radically redefined concept of marriage, which most of the American public does not support. So, while advocates of heterosexual marriage have not attempted to ban homosexual unions, homosexual activists are seeking to impose their worldview on the majority of the American people. In the name of tolerance, the secular-progressive movement is promoting intolerance, and in the name of inclusion, the Left is excluding anyone who holds a traditional view of the family.

This is the essence of what I deem “Moral Marxism,” and it is a tactic that is succeeding in radically restructuring American society. If we are going to remain a Republic of laws and individual liberty, we must learn to recognize these subversive tactics and respond in kind. Those of us who support faith, family, freedom and free-market principles must reverse-engineer these arguments of the Left, and force secular-progressives to have a real debate on real issues – not cheat in the battle of ideas, thus advancing an agenda contrary to the quintessential American values of justice, equality and inclusion.

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One Response to "Our Opponents Pose as Game Officials"

  1. Renee says:

    I heard a really blatantly misleading statement by someone on NPR the other day. They said some Republicans’ seats are secure because they are in districts that have been drawn (jerrymandered) to guarantee they will remain Republican. I suppose they could not imagine that even if those districts were drawn many different ways, they would still remain Republican because that is what the residents/voters in those areas want.

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