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Are You Being Duped? Social Engineering and the Shift in Polls on Same-Sex Marriage

bridesIn 1988 a group of the nation’s elite leaders in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) community convened in Warrentown, Virginia to put together a pathway for their agenda to move to the mainstream. Realizing that most Americans would not support same-sex marriage as a vehicle for the legitimization of homosexuality, they sought to reframe the debate in historical terms that would undermine their opposition’s moral standing in the eyes of the public. As a result, they conceived of a strategy that would link their effort to promote homosexuality to the great Civil Rights struggle of the African-American community that culminated in the passionate and powerful ministry of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1960’s. LGBT leaders realized that their effort to hijack the symbolism and energy of the Civil Rights movement was the key to achieving one of the greatest social engineering feats of modern history. By appealing to emotion over logic, in the words of one of those who met in Warrentown in 1988, they could “without reference to facts, logic or proof” change the consciousness of the country.

This is exactly what has happened in America.

By attempting to recreate the sense of righteousness which is, rightly, associated with the Civil Rights struggle for African Americans, the LGBT community has sought to create a new category of minority: sexual preference minorities. While all Americans of conscience believe that racial and gender equality is quintessentially right and just, most Americans have not, historically, equated sexual preference with minority or majority status. In other words, sexuality has never before been equated with race or gender as an unchangeable aspect of personhood. Until now. The very language used in this grand campaign to legitimize homosexuality through achieving government-approved marital status for same-sex partners has been ripped from the pages of history, namely the speeches of past civil rights leaders. Recently, Harvard University’s Timothy McCarthy even tried to link heterosexual supporters of homosexual marriage to white supporters of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement. McCarthy claimed that during the Civil Rights Movement “white people didn’t come out in support of rights for African-Americans…men didn’t back women in any significant numbers during the women’s movement, and capitalists never really favored union rights during the height of the labor movement.”

By making these historical comparisons, McCarthy attempts to equate the movement for homosexual marriage to the struggle of African Americans, women’s suffrage, and organized labor. This is a tremendously deceptive strategy, which works because it is so loaded with historical comparisons, even though such comparisons are intellectually and historical dishonest and inaccurate. African American leaders, women in government and business, and labor leaders should all be outraged at the hijacking of their movements to legitimize sexual practices that, from a civil rights standpoint, bear no resemblance to the real struggles of Americans who were persecuted on an unchangeable aspect of their personhood (i.e. race or gender). This social engineering by the LGBT community is the very reason polls have been moving so rapidly toward the same-sex marriage movement over the past several years.

As LGBT leaders ramp-up their comparison of the homosexual agenda to the legitimate Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, the less inclined many Americans will be to criticize them. By creating a fabricated minority status for sexual preference, they brand anyone who opposes them as bigots. They have commandeered the cultural vernacular to push an agenda most Americans continue to find disturbing, unnatural and unhealthy. If Americans are going to reclaim some semblance of sanity surrounding the real definition of civil rights and civil liberties, we must begin to expose the agenda of the LGBT community to co-opt the Civil Rights Movement to move their own agenda down the field. I believe that this repudiation should begin with African American pastors who, after all, ought to be the most outraged and offended by such a blatant attempt to piggy-back off of the African American community’s legitimate and heroic march toward true equality.

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