Is the Abortion Industry Starting Their Own Witch Hunt?

rick-perry-voodoo-579x620The recent debate in Texas over ending the lives of fully developed children in the womb revealed the true character of the pro-abortion movement in America. From chanting “Hail Satan” in an effort to drown out Christian hymn singers, to attempting to throw feces and urine on state senators, many of these pro-aborts acted like warmed-over Woodstock hippies with an ax to grind.

Recently, though, a Texas Planned Parenthood supporter took this extremity to a whole new level; she released a line of Texas Governor Rick Perry voo-doo dolls.

Proceeds from the sale of these plush puppets of the Texas Governor are being sent directly to Planned Parenthood of Texas, to fund legal challenges to the Pain Capable Bill recently passed in the Lone Star State.

Michelle Sinched, a Houston area corset maker, told the Houston Press that she was “inspired to make them because I wanted to figure out something I could make that would send a message and raise money for Planned Parenthood. What’s better than sticking pins in Governor Goodhair or burning him at your own doll-sized stake?”

How totally demented can one get? These dolls come with tampon pins to use in poking the Governor, and the allusion to burning him at the stake sounds like the pro-death crowd in Texas is taking to a witch hunt of their very own. In the name of advancing “women’s reproductive rights,” Planned Parenthood and their supporters are propping up an abortion industry that disproportionately targets infant girls and minority children.

One cannot get more anti-woman or anti-minority than being a promoter of Planned Parenthood.

We in South Carolina should not be shocked by the actions of the abortion activists in Texas, as I fully expect a similar battle to begin here in January. Early next year, the South Carolina General Assembly will begin debating legislation similar that that just passed in Texas, and Governor Haley has indicated she, too, will sign it. This will be a great step forward for South Carolina’s families and children, but we know such a strong pro-life measure will not come without kicking and screaming from Planned Parenthood SC, which makes its living off ending the lives of the unborn.

Michelle Sinched and her friends in Texas may poke needles into Governor Perry dolls, but the next time the Governor is in South Carolina, I plan on telling him thanks for setting the standard for pro-life legislation across America. We don’t do voo-doo dolls in the Palmetto State!

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2 Responses to "Is the Abortion Industry Starting Their Own Witch Hunt?"

  1. Jerris kidd says:

    At what time is life considered??? Does this unborn have any rights and we as humans when do we call this murder???

  2. Edward Earwood says:

    Informative article, sir. Somehow I missed this write-up on the mainstream media news. What a shock!

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