In the White House… on September 11th


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As we reflect today on the tragedy that struck America 12 years ago, I’d invite you to listen to my conversation with former White House Senior Counsel and the 80th Attorney General of the United States, Alberto R. Gonzales.

Attorney General Gonzales was a senior advisor to President George W. Bush on September 11th, 2001, and was with him at the White House that fateful evening as the President addressed the nation in the aftermath of the bloodiest day on American soil since the Civil War. The former Attorney General’s reflections are a moving reminder of the battle we are still in for the future of our nation, and for human freedom. This candid assessment from a man who lived history is altogether appropriate and moving on this day.

In addition to reflecting on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, the Attorney General and I also discussed the situation in Syria, and the President’s claim to unilateral authority to launch military operations in that country. The preservation of our constitutional republic, and the maintenance of separation of powers, is always at stake when issues of war and peace are debated. So, on this anniversary of the horrific attacks on America 12 years ago, please listen to this link and resolve to stand for America against all threats to our liberty, presented both by foreign adversaries and misguided policies here at home.

God Bless,

- Alberto Gonzales on Syria and being in the White House on 9/11 ()

Josh KimbrellJosh Kimbrell, September 10, 2013

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales talks with Josh about the situation in Syria and reflects on being in the White House on 9/11.


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