Obama’s Neville Chamberlain Moment

Chamberlain-HitlerMost of the world doesn’t remember the name Neville Chamberlain, but it cannot forget the stirring words and wartime leadership of Winston Churchill. That’s because British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, in September, 1938, attempted to negotiate peace with Adolf Hitler, while Churchill had the courage to face the Nazi war machine head-on. Instead of showing the resolve necessary to gather the growing evil of Nazi Germany, Chamberlain sought to take the easy way out, and to appease a power-hungry war criminal. Churchill, fortunately for free peoples the world over, saw Hitler for what he was, and mobilized Britain to stand-up to his thirst for world domination.

The parallels between the so-called “peace” Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler in 1938 and President Obama’s push for scaled-back sanctions against Iran are staggering. Both proposals saw a greater eagerness on the part of the threatened to strike a deal than the aggressors making the threats. Just as Chamberlain wanted to appease Hitler more than Hitler wanted to be appeased, the Obama Administration’s overtures to Iran show a desperation for a foreign policy victory that plays into the hands of the ayatollahs and the ruling Muslim clerics in that country. Iran sees this proposed “peace” as the most certain path to their becoming a nuclear power, not a cave into American and Israeli demands.

Iran is intent on obtaining nuclear weapons, which they will use to threaten and harm the United States and Israel. Economic sanctions passed by the United States Congress in cooperation with international allies have crippled the Iranian economy, undermining Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapons program. At the time these sanctions are working, the Obama Administration should be forcing concessions out of Iran, not giving away the store in the name of a peace that will prove as illusory as the one Neville Chamberlain thought he had in 1938…before the Nazis bombed Britain.

Listen to my conversation with former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Danny Ayalon, as he joined me on “Common Cents” from Jerusalem last Friday to discuss the growing threat of Iran, and the peace proposal that has no hope of providing peace to freedom loving people in the United States and Israel.

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