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Trampling The Constitution

rainbow_courtToday the Supreme Court trampled the Constitution of the United States of America.

No where in The Constitution is the federal government granted jurisdiction over marriage laws, nor does it give the Supreme Court the right to trample the decision of the majority of state legislatures (and voters) that have affirmed natural marriage.

Today’s decision overturns the democratic process, states’ rights, and the separation of powers; and moreover, it delegitimizes this court.

People of faith in this country need to be prepared for the coming assault against the Judeo-Christian value system upon which this nation was built. We need to be prepared to wage a battle for religious liberty and the First Amendment. As a coalition of African-American pastors recently stated, civil disobedience to an unjust court order may be the last line of defense.

I call upon our South Carolina legislature, the Governor, and the Attorney General to prepare to defend religious liberty. The American people must put a stop to the juridical tyranny we are witnessing out of Washington.

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