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Does South Carolina Need a Bathroom Bill? It Certainly Seems Like It.

It is amazing that our culture has so eroded that state legislatures across the country are contemplating and passing laws that would prohibit people from using opposite sex public restrooms. So-called “bathroom bills” are a by-product of the cultural chaos created by the LGBT movement’s continual legal bullying of Americans who hold to traditional notions of human sexuality and gender identity. That states already struggling with mounting healthcare costs, burdensome federal mandates, and a still-stagnant economy would have to devote time and resources to affirming which bathroom men and women should use is sad. Nevertheless, these bills have gained new importance due to recent actions taken by city council in cities like Columbia, SC and Houston, TX.

In two conservative states, liberal cities like Columbia and Houston are blue dots in red seas. They are, however, blue dots determined to shape the cultural landscape of the states in which they are incorporated and the nation as a whole. As such, both Columbia and Houston have passed gender identity “anti-discrimination” bills that make it unlawful to restrict restroom use to women in the women’s room and men in the men’s room. To most Americans, this is utterly nonsensical; to the “progressive” elites such distinctions as male and female are passé and even bigoted. The liberal crusade to erase any vestige of traditional values from American public life is becoming more and more aggressive, with cities like Houston now taking this insanity another step further by attempting to prosecute and fine anyone who disagrees.

A ballot referendum in Houston next month is proposing that it be unlawful for anyone to oppose a man using the women’s room or a woman using the men’s room. The penalty for such “bigotry” will be a mandatory $5,000 fine for every instance of one trying to prevent such perversion from taking place in a publicly accessible restroom. This is only the beginning of the coming assault on dissent to the transgender / gender identity agenda. The City Council of Columbia, SC has even moved to impose jail sentences for those who dare disagree with the LGBT lifestyle and agenda.

It is with a heavy heart that I now call on the South Carolina General Assembly, when they convene in Columbia this January, to take-up a common sense “Bathroom Security Act” that will make it unlawful for municipalities in this state to mandate gender-neutral restroom policies. Such senseless politically correct measures are a clear and present danger to the citizens of this state, as they create the conditions requisite for the rampant expansion of sexual assault and abuse in public restrooms across South Carolina. This politically correct leftist agenda is an assault on common sense, and it is an attempt to cater to a small, yet vocal, portion of the liberal political base. Our state cannot cater to these nonsense gender-neutrality policies, which put our citizens at risk and our culture in jeopardy. I call on the South Carolina legislature to pass a bathroom security bill in the upcoming session, to be enacted into law immediately upon passage and adoption.

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