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Willful Ignorance

On Wednesday morning in San Bernardino, California, a devout Muslim of Pakistani descent and his young bride walked into a government office and committed mass homicide. Syed Farook, 28, was born in Illinois and raised in California, but it is clear that his radical Islamic worldview prohibited him from ever loving the country in which he was raised. His wife came to America on a K-1 visa, which is a type of visa reserved for the fiancé or spouse of an American citizen, from Pakistan rather recently. The home in which they lived with other family members in Redland, just outside San Bernardino, has been described as a bomb factory that was rigged with explosives. All of these things taken together make it pretty clear that this was an act of homegrown terror in an American city that comes on the heels of what happened in Paris.

Motivation may still be discussed, but that this was an act of terrorism is a forgone conclusion.

To me, it is utterly irresponsible for the Obama administration and the American Left to turn this into another politicized push for gun control. California already has among the most restrictive laws in the country against private gun ownership and, once again, the shooting occurred in a government building that’s a “gun free” zone. Just saying a place is “gun free” doesn’t make it so when a homicidal maniac shows-up and starts shooting. All gun control laws do are unilaterally disarm law-abiding citizens, thus shaping a balance of power that favors evil. Gun free zones are where Americans are almost always killed in groups by criminals with guns.

Nevertheless, neither the President nor the Attorney General of the United States is willing to call a spade a spade. They’re obsessed with gun control while ignoring the obvious. This couple in California clearly had fundamentalist Islamic beliefs, they had clearly premeditated this attack against innocents, their home was booby-trapped with improvised explosive devices, and they had a get-away SUV equipped with military-style “roll bag” explosives to take out a police pursuit. ISIS has called repeatedly for these type of “lone wolf” attacks across America, and it appears that at least this couple responded to the call.

Instead of the Commander-In-Chief spending all his time on the fabricated threat of so-called “climate change,” the country would be better served if he focused on an actual threat to the homeland. The President pretends that ISIS is contained, and that climate change is a “clear and present danger” to America’s national security. I’m not sure that disconnect can be described as anything else than willful ignorance.

Pray for America, and call on your members of Congress to pursue policies that secure our border, put pressure on the terrorists, and rout-out ISIS-inspired attacks here at home. Pursuing carbon emissions standards and gun control will do nothing to secure our country and our families.

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