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Christian Businesses Must Stand-Up to Corporate Bullying

Gov. Pat McCrory

Gov. Pat McCrory

When state legislatures start passing “Bathroom Bills” to protect people from secular-progressive political correctness, you know that our nation’s moral compass has collapsed. Recently, North Carolina passed House Bill 2, which was signed by Governor Pat McCrory, to protect people’s privacy in the restroom from the liberal agenda. Earlier this year, the City Council of Charlotte, NC passed an ordinance that would allow men who identify as women, and women who identify as men, to use the restroom facility of their choice regardless of their biological gender. This is an insane act of political correctness run amok that endangers the general public. Rightfully so, the people of North Carolina called fowl, and the General Assembly stepped-up to take action.

The NC Legislature overwhelming passed House Bill 2, which will supersede laws like those passed in Charlotte that would allow men to use the women’s room and vice-versa. To most Americans, like most North Carolinians, this is simply common sense. To the leftist media and corporate America, it is an act of all-out war. Since Governor McCrory passed this common sense statute in the Tarheel State, corporate giants from American Airlines to the NBA have denounced the state’s actions as discriminatory. Discriminatory? There is nothing discriminatory in asking men to visit the men’s room and women to visit the women’s room. That is not a revolutionary act, unless you’re on board with the fundamental transformation of America into a secular-progressive utopia.

Corporate America has fundamentally sold-out the American people. Iconic companies like Disney and Delta have become activist organizations for pressing the LGBT agenda even at the expense of religious liberty. For companies like these to bully governors like Pat McCrory in North Carolina, Nathan Deal in Georgia, and Mike Pence in Indiana for merely defending the First Amendment rights of the people in their states is an outright disgrace. These companies have no problem undermining traditional values held by an overwhelming majority of the American people, so it is time for the American people to push-back. These companies want to use their economic might to shape a secular public policy agenda, so traditional Americans should use our economic might to punish them in their pocketbooks.

Governors should not be forced to pick between keeping Coca-Cola manufacturing in their state and protecting their citizens’ First Amendment religious liberty protections. It is critical that Americans support companies that don’t try and bully people who hold to traditional American values, and avoid those that are willing to trample the very families that support them. I am ecstatic that in South Carolina we are aggressively building a statewide network of Christian business owners and leaders through the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce. It is my belief that building such a strong network of businesses will help off-set the influence of secular-progressive corporations that will try and strong-arm our legislature and Governor the way that they have in NC, GA, and Indiana.

People of faith must stand together now, or we will surely hang together later. I call on Christian business leaders across South Carolina to build a network of economic alliance based on shared values to offset the bullying tactics of the left. We must stand strong for religious liberty in South Carolina, and America, by shaping a balance of power in which people aren’t forced to pick between their principles and a paycheck, and Governors aren’t forced to pick between their citizens’ jobs and their fundamental rights.

I applaud Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina for his strong stand. Now Christian leaders across our state and this country must stand together to protect the Constitution from those who seek to trample the God-given rights it guarantees.

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