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The American Brexit

In June, 2016 political elites the world over said that the British would never vote to leave the European Union, and that the referendum would cement Britain’s permanent place in the EU. Talking heads from London to New York said that voting to leave the EU would be detrimental to the United Kingdom, and that it would lead to regional strife and economic upheaval. Nevertheless, in spite of pre-referendum polls indicating that then-Prime Minister David Cameron’s “remain” position would prevail, the British public voted to pull-out of the EU.

The Brexit was a populist uprising against the globalist agenda of the European Union and its heavy-handed policies handed-down from Brussels. From mandating open borders, to regulating the curvature of cucumbers (I’m not making that up), the EU subverted the sovereignty and the will of the British people to the point that they would take it no more. The Brexit was a vote for Britain’s national sovereignty, identity, and independence.

Tuesday’s election was the American equivalent of the Brexit.

For decades, both major political parties have allowed American sovereignty to be subverted through the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, open borders, and bad trade deals that have disproportionately favored nations like China that have cheated the American worker. As manufacturing jobs have disappeared, and economic uncertainly has been rising, the American people have felt increasingly uneasy about their economic future. Add to this economic upheaval the ongoing crisis of open borders, wars that never end, a rising Islamic caliphate in the middle east that is sending its adherents to America, and the all-out assault by Washington elites on religious freedom and traditional American values, and we get a populist uprising like we saw on Tuesday night. The American people are tired of being trampled and we have declared that we will not take it anymore.

President-Elect Trump summed up the sentiment of millions of Americans when he said “this is our independence day.”

Hillary Clinton essentially lost the election when she declared that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed,” while speaking to a pro-abortion group during the campaign. It was a step further than Barack Obama’s charge that too many Americans cling to “guns, God, and religion” while running in 2008. Millions of Americans, myself included, concluded that those kinds of comments would spell the end of religious liberty in our country and America as we have known it. Clinton’s comments galvanized millions of conservative voters for whom Donald Trump was not their first choice, but their only choice compared to her. By essentially belittling the faith and values of the people she sought to lead, she doomed her own bid for the presidency.

The proof is in the electoral pudding. Tuesday was the high-water mark for turnout in modern presidential elections, and more evangelical Christians voted on Tuesday than ever before in American history. Americans, like the British in June, were faced with two choices: continue down the path of national decline and implosion, or reassert American independence and self-determination. We choice the latter, and liberty will reign in America the longer for it. Our country is still a center-right nation, which cherishes individual rights, personal responsibility, religious liberty, and national sovereignty.

While Donald Trump was not my personal choice during the presidential primaries, he is my president. I voted for him on Tuesday so that my five year old son might live in a free nation as I have. I voted for and will support President Trump because I believe that we can and will make America a shining city on a hill again. Our best days can still be before us, because free people have voted to remain free, self-governing, and sovereign over our own destiny under God. May God bless our new President, our new Congress, and the United States of America.

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