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The Foolishness of “Fast & Furious”

Fast and FuriousThere have been anti-second amendment administrations before, but never in American history has an administration gone so far as to arm the enemy to undermine individual rights as this one.

The framers of our Constitution conceived a system of government which would preserve the natural, or God-given, rights inherent with being human. As such, they boiled down these Natural Rights to the fundamental freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Constitution of this Country was, therefore, designed to protect these principal rights, from which all other rights and freedoms are derived. The right to keep and bear arms, codified in the Second Amendment, is a necessary provision to protect the fundamental rights to life and property that every single citizen possesses. For that very reason, it is inconceivable that US Attorney General Eric Holder and his Justice Department would go to the extremes they have to undermine this inalienable right.

Case in point: the irresponsible attempt by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to spin the aftermath of “Operation Fast and Furious” to favor gun control.

Emails released by CBS News (hardly a right-wing news outlet), which were exchanged between two senior ATF officials, indicate that the ATF was at least considering spinning the deadly consequences of “Fast & Furious” to advance tougher gun control regulations.

That’s shameless, given that the very same agency, with the apparent knowledge of the Justice Department (which oversees the ATF), implemented the flawed plan in the first place.

This ill-conceived concept was designed to have US officials covertly sell arms to middleman arms dealers that supply Mexican drug cartels, in hopes of tracking the weapons to the cartel kingpins themselves. The results have been as tragic as the program was stupid, costing the lives of two American border patrol agents.

Now, as Congress tries to get to the bottom of this foolish attempt to track arms sales, Holder seems intent on disinformation. Every time a new series of emails is leaked and new information is released, it becomes clearer that Holder’s Deputy Attorney General was in the loop on the Operation from the near-beginning. Additionally, that Deputy’s proximity to the program makes it exceedingly likely that the Attorney General himself was at least aware of such an operation.

The prevailing belief that Mr. Holder is hiding something is only bolstered by the fact he refused to go under oath before Congress on Thursday, likely trying to limit any exposure to a perjury charge (a la Bill Clinton). But regardless if he approved the program or not, Holder is now attempting to use the screw up to expand the power of the Justice Department. I find that most disturbing. In his appearance before Congress, Holder echoed the sentiment of the emails obtained by CBS News. Spinning the consequences of “Fast & Furious” to bolster gun control regulations, the Attorney General suggested that better tracking of certain types of guns, known as the “long gun rule,” would have been helpful in tracking down the weapons indirectly sold by US officials to Mexican drug cartels.

I’ve got a better idea on how we track down weapons the US government sold to arms dealers who sold them to Mexican cartels: Just don’t sell them in the first place!

What arrogance for our US Attorney General to attempt to garner more power through expanded gun control regulations in the name of undoing something his Justice Department did in the first place. The Attorney General ought to lose his job, not the American people their right to self-preservation and protection.

The best way to protect Americans against the narco-terrorism of Mexican drug cartels is to secure the border, with armed National Guard troops, not leave it open while we hand guns to gangs.

Operation Fast and Furious was flawed from the outset, and it has only gotten worse as the Justice Department seeks to subvert the Second Amendment instead of straightening up its own act.

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