Meet Josh

Josh was born and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina, a fact that adds to his passion to preserve South Carolina’s history of faith, freedom and free markets. His love of the PalmettoState led him to pursue pro-growth and pro-family public policies, beginning his freshman year of undergrad at NorthGreenvilleUniversity. Josh’s fight for freedom has only grown from there.

During his time as an undergraduate at North Greenville, where he studied economics, Josh began linking the state of the nation’s culture to the strength of its economy. His philosophy that a “strong culture leads to a strong economy, and a strong economy strengthens a strong culture,” is the foundation of Josh’s public policy work, and is the basis of his daily radio program “Common Cents” on 92.9FM / 660AM and the corresponding public policy foundation, the Palmetto Conservative Alliance, which he chairs. Josh’s conviction is that the culture and economy are linked, and that liberty and limited government are necessary to create an opportunity society for all South Carolina families.

Through “Common Cents” and the Palmetto Conservative Alliance, Josh and his team are seeking to build a culture of life, liberty and economic opportunity for all South Carolinians. This commitment to shared prosperity for all citizens of our state led to the establishment of the Foundation’s “Pluribus Project,” which is an effort to achieve unparalleled diversity united in common values. Thus, the “Pluribus Project” boasts the most racially and age diverse committee of any policy initiative in the State, united in an effort to share a positive message of faith, family, freedom and free-markets with every single South Carolinian.

Josh Kimbrell’s leadership of “Common Cents” and the Palmetto Conservative Alliance are all part of his dream to build a stronger South Carolina, and a more prosperous America, for future generations. Only by reapplying the principles of the American Founding can we reasonably expect to extend the blessings of liberty and the American Miracle to our children, their children and immigrants seeking a better life in the “land of the free.”

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