Dividing So They Can Conquer

The Left in this country is in the business of dividing Americans so they can conquer America. Over the past several years we’ve witnessed the near-breakdown of the liberal movement in this country, as it nearly melted into a petulant ideological puddle. Nevertheless, folks who believe in freedom discounted the fact that the American Left always has once ace up its sleeve: it knows how to create a ruse that can route the opposition by dividing the nation.

Creating a ruse has been the preferred method of Democratic campaigning for decades. From cynically trumping up racial tensions to creating crises out of thin air, liberal campaigns that haven’t t had the ideas to run on have simply run over their opposition. The intellectual bankruptcy of the American Left has left them desperate and dangerously devious. This tendency toward destructive divisiveness has been on full-display with the recent ruse created over contraception.

Just days ago, the USA Today ran an article exclaiming the fact that 60% of likely women voters have decided Barack Obama is their man. This is a stunning statistic, and one that I believe has been manipulated into existence by mangling the facts. It is flouted as “proof” that the President’s popularity is on the rebound, but I would take issue with this assertion. I believe there are two disputing factors, and the first factor is the fault of the GOP. For far too long the Democratic Party has fostered a sense of belonging for women voters, by creating manufactured crises aimed at gathering their votes. Thus, while many women in America are consistently conservative, they are not as likely to be politically active or even registered to vote as women who are liberal activists. This trend is changing, however, due to the rise of Republican women and American will be the better for it.

The second factor, the one that I believe is the product of the liberal ruse over contraception, is the perception that the GOP is anti-women’s rights. This could not be further from the truth. The President wants to pander to liberal women’s organizations, claiming that the Republicans want to make contraception contraband. This has never been the position of any prominent Republican leader in this country, and it certainly isn’t mine. What conservatives have opposed, myself included, is an attempt by the Administration to federally finance an expansion of abortion-on-demand.

The Left is losing the public debate over legalized abortion and infanticide in America, and they are growing desperate. In poll after poll Americans, across demographic lines, are increasingly pro-life. Thus, with the political winds shifting from their cause, the Left has resorted to this ruse over contraception, when the real issue is the funding of abortion-inducing drugs like RU486 (the morning after pill, which can be used up to 9 weeks into a pregnancy) under Obamacare. Instead of addressing the issue, however, the Democrats are claiming that conservatives are trying to ban birth control pills. This whole charade would be laughable if it weren’t working so well.

It is time for conservatives to pull back the blinds on these sorts of dishonest ruses that distract from the deviousness of the Left. I believe that an honest and effective argument is to point out that abortions kill as many baby girls as baby boys. It’s a pretty safe biological argument that baby girls and baby boys grow up to be adult men and adult women. Thus, killing these infant human beings in the womb is declaring literal war on both women and men. It’s not the Republicans that have declared war on women; it’s the left that advocates killing them by the millions.

That, my friends, blows holes through the Left’s straw man argument. It’s time to put a stop to the Left’s dividing of Americans merely to meet their own electoral aims. The future of freedom depends upon it, and it has never been truer that “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

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One Response to "Dividing So They Can Conquer"

  1. Joe Boring says:

    See? Another example of how TRUTH disperses falsehood. The remaining problem is that lots of souls do not have a desire for fact. Sad, but inherent to the human condition, so we have to deal with it.

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