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Demographics are Not Destiny

Since the election of President Obama in November, 2008 the Democratic Party has claimed it has locked in key demographics, namely African Americans and Hispanics, and will be the permanent majority party in America. Aside from the fact that this is akin to counting votes before they’ve been cast, it is a cynical and racist approach to individualism in America.

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The Democratic philosophy of individualism is that it must cede in favor of easy-to-manage electoral subgroups. Thus, in election cycle after election cycle, Democrats have sought to divide Americans so that they can conquer America. I believe this is divisive, destructive and downright diabolical.

Though America has had its struggles with living up to its ideals, we have, by and large, always been a nation of inclusion and opportunity. In spite of the revisionist historians’ attempts to recast our nation in a negative light, there have always been champions of equality in our midst. Such reformers have kept our republic honest, and have ensured that our nation did not abandon its founding principles. Thus, through our history, we have watched great emancipators like Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Beecher Stowe stir the consciousness of our nation. We have watched great advocates for equality like Susan B. Anthony picket for women’s right to vote. Now, in our time, it is time to find great leaders who will fight for the ultimate minority right, the liberty of the individual.

There is no greater minority than the individual. God made each and every one of us, regardless of the racial designation we may share or the gender we happen to possess, as unique one-of-a-kind individuals. Just like snowflakes, there are no two of us who are exactly alike in every respect. This does not mean, however, that we cannot be united by our ideals and our principles. In fact, America is great because it is not united by, as George W. Bush stated in 2001, “blood or birth or soil, but by an unfolding American promise that no insignificant person has ever been born.”

That’s why the liberal attempt to divide in order to conquer will, ultimately, fail. Folks from all racial backgrounds of both genders believe in freedom, opportunity and true equality under the law. That’s why we’ve seen white and black, male and female, unite behind common sense reforms like school choice that give children a fighting chance at a great education. While top-down, government-run educational establishments have squelched opportunities and equality, private citizens have come together to redirect educational policy. The result has been higher graduation rates across race and income boundaries, and improved educational performance across all age categories.

Freedom works, because it is based on Truth. As the old expression lends itself, “all truth is God’s truth;’ therefore, truth is not trapped by color or creed. Instead, it is part of the self-evident nature of natural law of freedom, which is a gift from the Creator not a creation of man. The faster conservatives can grasp the concept of outreach to individuals, instead of falling prey to the Democratic notion of dividing to conquer, the faster the prognostications of prominent liberals will prove unattainable. In the end, demographics are not destiny, ideas and values are.


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