What’s Angry About the American Dream?

Today, I’ve been watching reactions to last night’s speeches at the Republican National Convention, and am amusingly not shocked by the reaction of the mainstream media. From Juan Williams’ attack on Ann Romney (talk about a ‘war on women’) as a “corporate wife” to Brian Williams’ berating of Sen. Marco Rubio over the “tone of the convention,” the liberal media establishment is doing all it can to fain journalistic fairness in its effort to quell a Republican surge.

Last night the GOP put a new foot forward, putting a fresh crop of conservatives center stage. From Mia Love, who may become the first black Republican woman in Congress, to SC Governor Nikki Haley, the Republican Party put its reach and depth on display. This had to be disconcerting to a Democratic party that has tried to portray Republicans as a party of the past.

That’s why I believe the duo of Williams and their pals on the left in the mainstream media have sought to tear down Ann Romney’s elegant and eloquent speech and to paint the entire slate of speeches last evening as angry and hateful. I have always been taught that when people attack you for doing what is right, they feel threatened and go negative on the double quick. That’s exactly why reaction today on the networks is flat out disparaging and entirely non objective.

Take it from someone who was in the convention last night who didn’t have a liberal angle to apply: the theme of the night was restoring the American Dream. This message was a message of hope and opportunity for every man, woman and child in the country. Only someone who worries that this convention will propel Romney and Ryan to the White House could call the theme angry.

I guess it’s just another example of those who are angry at the success of others projecting their own problems onto the objects of their scorn.

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out some of the better speeches of the night.


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One Response to "What’s Angry About the American Dream?"

  1. It gave me heart and real hope that this country will be saved and restored after hearing the speeches. It is sad to hear the lame attacks (PBS commentators,eg.). Example, the best they could come up with after Ted Cruz’s heartfelt and positive speech, was that he tended to walk all over the stage… huh? I really wish people would sit and really listen to what is being said. No hype, just the unvarnished truth.

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