Military Sequestration: Congress’s Failure to Address Our Greatest National Security Threat

As events in the Middle East continue to unravel, with the Arab Spring quickly becoming the winter of the West’s discontent, our Administration and short-sighted leaders in Congress are threatening to gut our military defense budget. While I absolutely believe that our nation’s annual $1 trillion deficits and staggering $16 trillion national debt pose the greatest national security threat of our time, I also recognize that there is evil brewing beyond our shores. Iran is quickly becoming an existential threat to Israel and America, Russia is militarily resurgent and a rising China threatens to undermine our influence in the Asia-Pacific realm like never before. This is a time when American strength is needed more than ever, and our leadership is shirking from this responsibility.

What is our President doing to ensure American military predominance? Not a thing. In fact, at a time when President Obama has radically driven up our national debt with increased entitlement spending, he has stripped nearly $500 billion from our defense budget in the name of “fiscal responsibility.” In addition, the idiotic “sequestration” package, which was put together in the aftermath of the Supercommittee’s inability to reduce the size and scope of government, will force another $500 billion cut to our military. The President claims this is to “reduce our national debt,” but what he doesn’t tell us is that his annual deficits, due to massive entitlement expansions like Obamacare, are nearly $1.3 trillion and that completely defunding our military wouldn’t balance his “budgets.”

We need to address the drivers of our deficit and debt: the big three entitlements (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security) and the skyrocketing costs of Obamacare. Gutting our military cannot make up for this spending binge and, in fact, makes America more vulnerable to enemies abroad.

Luckily, we have a strong South Carolina conservative leading this fight to restore fiscal sanity while protecting our military: US Representative Mick Mulvaney, who sits on the House Budget Committee.

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One Response to "Military Sequestration: Congress’s Failure to Address Our Greatest National Security Threat"

  1. Paula says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the government would get their heads out of their behinds and come up with a real energy plan and tell the Arabs to go pound sand… that way we could cut some spending in the Military instead of always increasing it… also, why do we pay countries to kill us when they have no problem doing it for free? Another thing, why do we continue to blow things up in Afghanistan? Is it so we can send in 20 thousand contractors to rebuild? Jobs, jobs jobs. Clint was right, someone should have talked with the Russians about their war with the Afghanis. We would love to be able to bring our troops home rest up and protect our own boarders… to late. The barbaric Sharia Islamic lovers are already here.

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