Honoring the Greatest Generation

Today I’m on my fourth trip with Honor Flight Upstate SC. It’s always an honor to join some of South Carolina’s bravest – those who stormed beaches in Normandy and scaled islands in the Pacific to defend human liberty. Being on these flights always reminds me of President Reagan’s warning that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

As we grapple with existential challenges to our national existence, from crushing deficits and staggering debts to attacks on our embassies overseas and the continued threat of jihadists who seek out utter destruction, we can draw strength from the example of the “Greatest Generation.” They believed in America, in her exceptionalism and her values. As such, they were willing to do the hard work of defending freedom, not defer problems to future generations.

I pray that we, as South Carolinians, as Americans, rise up to restore our state and rebuild our nation. That’s what we seek to do every single day on Common Cents. An important part of that rebuilding of our future is the remembrance of our past, which is why I take these Honor Flight trips… and take them so seriously.

Please  join me in honoring these American Heroes & Freedom Fighters by welcoming them back home tonight at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport at 7:45pm.

Yours in the fight,

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One Response to "Honoring the Greatest Generation"

  1. Rich says:


    As a 23 year member of the American Legion and a past commander, I wish to thank you for your kind support.

    Sadly though, I’m afraid that the America that you speak of is ever so close from extinction. The men of today do not share the same values, beliefs. And principals as our WWII veterans. Yes,we work to create such men but the brutal truth is “there are more of them than us”; them being the new American man.

    To breath the same air as a WWII vet is a honor. The personal stories I have listened to after a regular meeting, to hear the actual events come from the people who were there versus reading it from a edited book is truly remarkable. So many never take the time to gain such insight nor take the time to thank them for saving our liberty and nation.

    Sadly, we will reelect Mr. B.H.O. as he owns most networks and news outlets. As he presses for Romney’s tax returns, we should press for his academic records that are sealed which would prove that he either lied about his citizenship or he defrauded Columbia; as he was an Indosnian citizen which is public record.

    We just must get much tougher and must be brutally honest to win and Mr. Romney,much like J. McCain doesn’t seem to want to go down that road.

    Tough! Tough like the greatest generation. That spirit, the fear of failing….the fear of losing our nation must drive this campaign in order to succeed.

    R. Smothers

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