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The MO of the Mainstream Media

Yesterday on “Common Cents” I told you that the two primary goals of the liberal media are to secularize and socialize America. The two “S’s” are not incompatible, as one feeds the other; in order to turn America in a socialist state economically and politically, the culture must first be secularized. That’s why the liberal media, their friends in the liberal sectors of academia and elitist politicians they support, have sought to undermine any vestige of Christian principles in the public arena. If they can secularize the country, thus undermining God as the source of American rights and freedoms, then government will get to determine what liberties we’re allowed to have. In short, in order to centrally command our country, which is anathema to the American Ideal of self-government, liberal elites must make us dependent on the state as the source of our values and freedoms.

This attempt to secularize and socialize is precisely the reason why the mainstream media has launched a two pronged attack against Chic-Fil-A. Two months ago, they tried to destroy the company by branding it as bigoted, prejudiced and hateful. When the American people could see through the lies, and rallied to Chic-Fil-A’s side, liberal elites got nervous. They realized that their plan to punish Chic-Fil-A for not bowing to their political pressure resulted in higher revenues and heighted awareness in the company’s favor, not a complete collapse of the corporation. Therefore, in a desperate attempt to undermine this company, the media and their allies have sought to turn their own base against them. Yesterday, the mainstream media was positively abuzz with reports that Chic-Fil-A was caving to pressure from Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno, the man who infamously threatened to deny the company any building permits due to their stance on marriage. Newspapers and networks were reporting that Chic-Fil-A had cut-off all funding to pro-marriage organizations and were, effectively, reversing their position on traditional marriage and the nucleic family unit.

None of this was, or is, true.

I spoke with Chic-Fil-A officials yesterday, who confirmed that the stance of the company on marriage and the family remained unchanged. The company also said in a statement that they had not made “any concessions” in response to Alderman Moreno’s threats in Chicago. Thus, it seems, the mainstream media made up these “facts” from thin air, until you start to read the source of the reports: Joe Moreno himself. That’s right; it was Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno who claims that Chic-Fil-A told him they were cutting off all funding to pro-traditional marriage organizations. This turned out to be a complete and utter fabrication, and I have a theory as to why.

I believe that Alderman Moreno knows that his threat to deny a private company a building permit on private land over a political / cultural position is not only illegal, but unconstitutional. It was inevitable that Chic-Fil-A would prevail over Alderman Moreno and the City of Chicago, thus, Moreno needed to save face. In announcing that he was going to grant Chic-Fil-A their building permit, Alderman Moreno claimed that he was doing so due to an about face by Chic-Fil-A on marriage. This would be a laughable attempt to save face and cover-up incompetence if the liberal media hadn’t played along.

Chic-Fil-A is public enemy number one to secular-progressives, because it simultaneously stands for traditional social values and free market capitalism. That is double trouble for a mainstream media that is hell-bent on secularizing and socializing America. For goodness sake, being both pro-family and pro-market is tantamount to heresy to the liberal media and their political allies like Alderman Moreno. And in this second decade of the twenty-first century, secular-progressives have declared “holy war” against freedom and free-markets in America.

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