Robbing the Future to Win the Present

Over the past year and a half we’ve been hearing President Obama parrot, or rather pirate, a phrase coined by Newt Gingrich of “Winning the Future.” The President has used this pillaged phrase to try and spin his policies of crushing debts and massive deficits, which aim to redistribute wealth and centralize our economy, as something that will ensure a brighter tomorrow. He spins his economic atrocities as “winning the future,” because it’s a cliché that distracts from the true result of his policy proposals, which certainly won’t win the future for anyone. After all, who’s going to come out swinging against “winning the future?” That’s why, from a purely political standpoint, such rhetorical tactics work quite well.

The problem is that the President’s policies have more to do with what I call “robbing the future” than they do with winning it. I say this both figuratively and literally. I say it figuratively in the sense that an ever-present place of government in the lives of the American people will undermine the very concept of limited government that is essential to liberty. I say it literally in the sense that the Federal Reserve Bank is making money out of thin air to pay for our nation’s over $1 trillion annual deficits, which devalues our currency, drives up the cost of living for all Americans and ensures that future generations will pick up the tab.

Thus, millions of young Americans, many of whom have yet to be born, will bear the burden placed on them by generations of Americans that vote for programs and hand outs that their children must finance. So, in a very literal sense, we have an Administration that is “robbing the future,” which most certainly doesn’t work toward “winning the future.”

None of this should be that surprising. After all, a 1998 speech from then-State Senator Barack Obama shows the future President telling his audience “I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution – because I actually believe in redistribution.” These comments were made at a conference at Loyola University, and are a great glimpse into the economic and, frankly, cultural mindset of the President of the United States.

President Obama is, at least, consistent in his belief that we should redistribute wealth; he has put in place policies that ensure that we are “redistributing” the future wealth of our kids, grandkids, great grandkids, their kids, their cats, their dogs, you get the point, to pay for massive government largesse in the present.

This vision of “robbing the future” is totally un-American. We are a nation built on individual responsibility and private morality. The very foundation of freedom and the free market system is character and civic values based on consensus principles. When we have an administration that is seeking to dismantle the very American ideal that every individual counts, and that no person should be given preferential or detrimental treatment over or under another, we have broken down the very genius of our economic and cultural might.

I’ve said on many occasions that this is the most important Presidential Election since 1860, and I stand by my statement. In 1860, Americans were equally divided into two starkly different visions for our future: one vision was based on the beliefs of our founders that God is the source of our rights and that no person should be denied them, the other was a vision of rights for some and not for others. We are, literally, seeing this play out in our own time. America is at an 1860 moment in this election; will we reaffirm our commitment to faith, freedom and free markets, which are the trademarks of American Independence, or will we embrace our lives in the hands of an all-powerful state that determines what our rights will be and declare a new American Dependence?

See the “Secret Video” that’s making news right now, and you’ll see difference.

This choice in November is much greater, and much deeper, than between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It is between robbing the future and winning it.

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