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The Pluribus Project – An Initiative of “Common Cents” and the Palmetto Conservative Alliance

117As we’ve discussed extensively on “Common Cents” the message of faith, family, freedom and free-markets is a message that is promising for all Americans. Nevertheless, as we’ve also chronicled, the secular-progressive movement in this nation uses race as a tool to divide Americans, in order to promote their radical policy agenda. This sort of deception is an existential threat to our democratic-republic, and we are fighting back with the Truth – the Truth that teaches all people are created in the image of the Creator, and endowed by Him with unalienable rights, “that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

As has been the case through the history of Western Civilization, the animating force for our values, and the dignity of human life, has been the Church of Jesus Christ. That’s why here on “Common Cents,” through our Palmetto Conservative Alliance Foundation, we’re launching a new initiative called “The Pluribus Project.” This initiative will seek to bring the Christian community together – from every race and background – to stand for basic, cultural fundamentals including the sanctity of life, the essentiality of the traditional family, the importance of personal responsibility and the goodness of human freedom.

A “Pluribus Project” steering committee is in the process of being appointed by the Board of Directors of the Palmetto Conservative Alliance, which will represent all communities in South Carolina. This steering committee will seek to present a united front in the battle for the culture of our state and nation. As the Church has been a culture-creating force through the history of Western Civilization, for all peoples, we will seek to reassert this culture-making worldview to improve the lives of all South Carolina families.


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