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We Have a Death Problem, Not Just a Debt Crisis

baby-150x150America is struggling with a staggering debt crisis, because she has long been suffering from a death crisis. The economic impact of abortion is, in very real terms, breathtakingly high. Over the coming decades, this impact will be felt in each American household, as not only Social Security becomes insolvent, but as economic output slows.

It has been said that, “if there are no children, there is no future.” I firmly believe this to be the case. Conservative estimates, by trained economists, indicate that America will lose approximately $70 trillion in GDP output over the coming generations as a result of abortion. And that’s not the most tragic cost. We have lost nearly 54 million American children in the holocaust of legalized abortion. That is nearly equivalent to the combined population of America’s 71 largest cities.

Many ask me if and when I believe God will bring America to account for this great evil. I would humbly suggest that He already is. We have sown the seeds of discord and economic destruction, as we have taken lives in the name of independent living. I do not, however, believe it is too late.

God is the God of great mercy. America’s greatness may yet be preserved, if we stand together for the babies who cannot stand. May God grant us the courage and conviction to restore America’s families and, in turn, her economic opportunity. May He forgive America and her people.

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