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De-Gendering an American Generation

transgenderMassachusetts has long been the land of aggressive liberalism, but they have outdone themselves this time: they’ve managed to outright defy reality. In a recent policy shift, Massachusetts’ Public Schools, under the direction of Commissioner Mitchell Chester, have adopted a position on transgender rights that will endanger schoolchildren both physically and emotionally.

The new policy states:

“one’s gender identity is an innate, largely inflexible characteristic of each individual’s personality that is generally established by the age four. As a result, the person best situated to determine a student’s gender identity is that student himself or herself.”

In other words, it states that being physically male or female doesn’t make someone male or female; their emotional opinion determines their gender.

This change, effectively, removes the question of gender from the arena of anatomy and physiology and places it in the field of political correctness.

Such a serious policy shift will have wide-ranging implications, including the new guidelines that will allow boys who claim they feel like girls, and girls who claim they feel like boys, to use opposite-sex restroom and locker facilities.

The fact that this is ripe for abuse is obvious to anyone not blinded by outright secular-progressive ideology. How many middle school and high school aged boys will claim they feel like girls to get into the girls’ locker room? How many little boys will be further trapped in a gender identity crisis that has real emotional consequences? This insane policy proposal in Massachusetts will have grave implications for both girls and boys, both physically and emotionally.

Since when did the concept of gender become a subjective concept, which is determined by someone’s opinion? What good is teaching biology, anatomy, or any other life-sciences related curriculum if we are now making sex orientation a matter of opinion? The answer to the first question is since liberalism replaced mainstream American Values with radical concepts of moral relativism, and the answer to the second is none. What we are witnessing in Massachusetts is a political correctness and moral relativism run amok, with schoolchildren being exploited in the process. The rise of homosexual orientation and transgenderism in our culture is the product of liberal orthodoxy in the first place. Now, the very warped worldview that has harmed so many citizens emotionally is proposing a “solution” that will harm them physically.

The rise of homosexuality and transgenderism is directly correlated with the collapse of the nucleic family in this country. The reason we have little boys and little girls who are confused as to their sexual identity is that we have dismantled the institution of marriage, and with it the best hope for an emotionally stable childhood for millions of American children. Instead of engaging in gross sexual exploitation and moral relativism to the extreme, states should be looking to protect children from the fall-out of failed marriages.

This means pursuing healthy, balanced joint-custody laws that ensure that parents who are not abusive or neglectful have equal access to their children. Just because marriages fail doesn’t mean that we, as a society, should relegate children to government-mandated single-parent childhood. Having two parents in the picture significantly precludes the possibility of gender confusion past the age of four, and raises the likelihood that a child will grow into an emotionally stable and societally productive citizen

Liberal policies have put us in a position of sexual and gender confusion in this country, which is reaping real world consequences in states and communities. The answer is to reverse this devastating trend, not knock it into overdrive.

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