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The Tyranny of Tolerance: How the Secular-Progressive Agenda Subverts Freedom of Conscience and Conviction

I know that the title of this article sounds like an oxymoron, thus completely contradictory. How, you may ask, can tolerance by tyrannical? Aren’t these exclusive concepts that have no better record of mixing together than oil and water? In their true definitions, they don’t mix, but in our politically correct culture’s definition, they work rather well together. The Left has created a bastardized version of “tolerance” in which nothing but their worldview is tolerated, which is the essence of tyranny.
This new “tolerance” of the secular-progressive movement in our country is responsible for the censorship of millions of Americans’ religious convictions, cultural concepts and moral principles. This sort of tolerance that isn’t tolerant was on full display recently when the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a pamphlet to its employees effectively ordering them to support the LGBT agenda. A DOJ gay pride group known as DOJ Pride is responsible for these new personnel guidelines, and is behind a brochure that tells DOJ employees that they should affirm homosexuality for their “silence will be interpreted as disapproval.” Talk about the thought policy, George Orwell would recognize this as the sort of statism he warned against in his novel Nineteen Eight Four.

The brochure, first exposed by Todd Starnes of Fox News, was provided to all DOJ management personnel and is titled “LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers.” The message sent by such overt, in-your-face proselytization of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender agenda by the DOJ is that Christians, conservatives and anyone else who believes in natural marriage and opposes overt homosexuality need not apply for management at the Justice Department. If the shoe were on the other foot, in other words if the Bush Administration had issued such a statement that anyone who promotes homosexual marriage need not apply for management roles at Justice, Congress, most of Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC and Oprah would be on a hunger strike on the sidewalk outside the DOJ until the policy was reversed. No such widespread outrage now that it’s Christians and conservatives who are the targets of intimidation, discrimination out outright prejudice.

The secular-socialist activists of the political left in this country claim to be objective, non-religious and completely pragmatic. They claim that they are not clouded by religious prejudice, but driven only by cold, hard facts, while Christians and conservatives have some sort of mental disorder and make decisions solely on the basis of religious emotion. Such claims couldn’t be more inaccurate, or more projecting. The Left, while claiming to be rational and objective, is more religiously charged than virtually any Christian group I’ve ever encountered; their articles of faith begin with atheism, continue with collectivism, and culminate with the conviction that the government, not God, is the “only thing to which we all belong.” It doesn’t get much more religious than that.

The real battle raging in our country isn’t so much between liberal vs. conservative and Democrat vs. Republican so much as it is faith vs. a lie and liberty vs. tyranny. People of principle and Judeo-Christian convictions are being painted as backwoods, prejudiced, intolerant and bigoted, when it is truly the secular-progressive left that punishes people for their beliefs, censors their free speech, and undermines the lives and liberties of free Americans all in the name of their god of tolerance.

The liberal god of tolerance isn’t all that tolerant, and the truest force for human liberty and individual rights the world has ever known, the Judeo-Christian Ethic that built this nation, is being systematically subverted only to be replaced with an ideology of control, coercion and, in the end, tyranny.

We must stand against the new god of tolerance in our culture, and for the God Who truly gave us life and liberty.

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