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Stay Calm and Carry On: A Message Meant for Our Generation

KeepCalmCarryOnIn the immediate aftermath of Great Britain’s entry into WWII in 1939, the British government established the Ministry of Information (MOI) to help prop-up the fledgling national confidence. Through a series of motivational posters, the MOI tried to bolster Britons’ determination to defy Hitler’s war machine, thus preserving freedom on the British Isles. The reason the British established such an office is that the odds were stacked against them, with most observers holding that Hitler would have control over the United Kingdom in short order. Determined not to go without a fight, the MOI sought to strengthen the national resolve against tyranny and totalitarianism.

As American conservatives, we could use such a ministry of encouragement at present. Most perceive that the odds are stacked against us, from defending marriage to rehabilitating our economy and ensuring that the next generation inherits our prosperity. The secular-progressive media machine seems to be running right over the values we hold dear, and the America we’ve come to love as a bastion of human liberty is being transformed before our very eyes. In the face of such an onslaught, many have thrown-up their hands and left the arena, while those who remain are fighting on so many fronts they’re experiencing battle fatigue. The chaos and confusion seemingly overwhelms the sensibilities of so many concerned citizens, at a great cost to the future of freedom in our country.

This is precisely the strategy of the secular-progressive agenda; they have every intention of overwhelming the system, not to mention peoples’ sensibilities, by pressing their agenda on every front. That’s why, simultaneously, we’re faced with debates over marriage, gun control, taxes and spending and healthcare policy. The intent of the far left, which does not constitute all self-described “liberals,” but is gaining a greater following, is to completely rebuild the American social and economic order to reflect a secularized social culture with a socialized economy.This is a plan originally laid-out by two Columbia University sociologists, who proposed completely overwhelming the political and economic structure as to completely replace it once it collapses.

This strategy is referred to as the Cloward-Piven Strategy, named after married professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. This strategy was laid out in the late 1960s as a final solution to social strife and perceived economic “injustice.” While most modern liberal activists have never even heard of the study, the model is deeply engrained in liberal politics and is still the modus operandi of the political far left of the American Democratic Party. The strategy has actually worked in many instances, and, since the late 1960s, government dependency has grown exponentially due to the tactics laid out by these two folks nearly 50 years ago.
The strategy only works, however, if opposition to it becomes timid and loses its confidence to stand against it.

This brings us back to our British example from before. The Brits printed one final poster through the MOI which was never actually used: it was a poster designed to keep Britons’ spirits high in the event of an outright invasion by Hitler’s Nazi army. The words are as simple as they are direct, and as stirring as they are succinct: “Stay Calm and Carry On.” In other words, don’t panic and fret, for so doing will only embolden the opposition and ensure utter defeat.

This is my encouragement to my fellow conservatives in the fight: “Stay Calm and Carry On.” Our message of human dignity, human liberty, human equality, racial harmony, free market enterprise and the sanctity of the family will win the day. All it takes is a movement of calm, convicted and clear conservatives who are willing to take this message of hope to every single citizen of our state and nation, of every race, background and socio-economic status.

In the words of the Scriptures: “Don’t grow weary in good doing.” In the words of the Brits: “Stay Calm and Carry On.” We shall overcome.

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