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Columbia’s Crusade Against Religious Liberty and Common Sense

Imagine a city in which the mayor and city council outlawed religious liberty in favor of forced endorsement of the LGBT agenda. Imagine a city in which a high school principal could be jailed for 150 days each time he or she refused to allow a boy to take a shower in the girls’ locker room. Imagine a city in which you may be prosecuted simply because you encouraged your children to avoid the homosexual lifestyle. If you can imagine a city like this, then you are prepared to live in the City of Columbia, SC in 2015.

SC_Pride_2The capital city of one of the nation’s most conservative states has become a hotbed of secular-progressivism under Mayor Steve Benjamin and the Columbia city council. In the past six years, the City Council has passed laws that make it unlawful to “conspire” against homosexuals by merely stating publicly that you disagree with their lifestyle, to operate a public restroom (even at a private establishment) that is not “gender inclusive,” meaning where men and women are allowed in the restrooms of the opposite sex, and that allows for the prosecution of people who generally oppose the LGBT “human rights” agenda. This is stuff that even George Orwell couldn’t have imagined in 1984.

While the City of Columbia already has these laws on the books, they haven’t had the enforcement mechanism in place to prosecute those who don’t conform. That’s where the proposed super-secretive Human Rights Commission comes into play. According to my friend Cameron Runyan, the only person on the Columbia City Council who hasn’t lost his mind, the Mayor hired a former gay marriage activist to aid the city in setting-up this commission to secretly investigate supposed violations of the city’s so-called LGBT “anti-discrimination” laws.

CameronRunyanAdMake no mistake about it, if this commission is passed into law in Columbia, it will strip citizens in that city of their First Amendment freedoms, namely their religious liberties, and set the stage for city attorneys to prosecute those who refuse to promote the LGBT agenda. This cannot be allowed to happen anywhere in America, especially not in South Carolina. This is the tyranny of political correctness, pure and simple.

I’m calling on all South Carolina conservatives to rally for Columbia City Councilman Cameron Runyan’s reelection this fall (, and to write their state legislators to tell them to pass state law’s that would make Columbia’s LGBT anti-discrimination laws, which actually discriminate against anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with the LGBT agenda, illegal.

We must stand-up now, before this evil agenda is allowed to sweep across South Carolina. Nothing short of our constitutional rights are at stake.


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