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A Year Ago… I Went to Jail

One year ago, on October 14th, 2014, the day after Columbus Day, I went to jail. My three-year custody battle with my vindictive former spouse over our then-three-year-old son had gone nuclear, with her twice accusing me of sexually abusing my own son so that she could win a family court case.

Even though the allegations were repeatedly unfounded by the SC Department of Social Services, and previously dismissed by the City of Mauldin (Greenville County) Police Department, a gullible, maybe even complicit, detective with the City of Greenville took-out an arrest warrant against me charging me with a sex crime that carries a life sentence.

That my former wife would stoop to such lows was troubling; that the City of Greenville Police Department would aid and abet her is an outrage.

Below is a link to my anniversary commemoration on the radio, in which I lay out the events of last year in blow-by-blow detail. I didn’t ask for this fight, but I will finish it for the sake of my son, other families similarly afflicted, and for all those falsely accused. That which was intended for evil, God is still using for good.

God bless you and your families.

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