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Britain’s Declaration of Independence

Yesterday, the country from which America fought for its Liberty, fought for its own. The United Kingdom of Great Britain became the first member country of the European Union to declare its exit from the treaty organization that has formally been in place for over forty years. Amidst crushing economic, immigration, and monetary micromanagement by the European Union, the British people took their stand. They have strongly rebuked the political elites of both major political parties in the UK and have asserted their national sovereignty. While many pundits, politicians, and economists on both sides of the pond pontificate over the fallout, the reality is that British independence from the EU is good for the continuance of western civilization.

For decades, European liberal decadence has led to staggering debt, cultural chaos, and serious security concerns across the continent. The island nation of Britain, however, has taken the bold step of declaring the European Union a failed quasi-state that threatens their liberties and way of life. In short, June 23rd, 2016 is Britain’s new Independence Day.

Make no mistake about it, the British vote to exit the EU was about preserving sovereignty and rejecting an overreaching central government. There are lessons here for us in America as well. Our federal government has trampled the states, the Supreme Court has trampled the Constitution, and the Federal Reserve
has devalued the dollar. These are similar national ailments to those that led Britain to exit the European Union.

I hope that American political leaders heed the lesson of our friends across the pond, and reassert the founding principles we once wrested from the tyranny of King George III. On July 4th, 1776, America taught Britain and the world the value and dignity of independence. Now, 240 years later, our former oppressors-turned-friends have paved the way for national independence and sovereignty in an increasingly dangerous world. God bless America and our ally Britain.

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