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Red October

In 1990, Hollywood produced a film entitled The Hunt for Red October, which chronicled a Cold War Soviet submarine gone renegade. Little did they know that the title of the movie would be used to describe our present predicament with the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd and their sympathizers across the Country. Though the media is trying to paint the protestors as American Patriots, fighting for economic justice and equality, nothing could be further from the truth. These folks are fanatics, who believe that America ought to be converted to a socialist – communist state.

Take, for example, their demands that someone else pay their student loan bills. Or the demands of these disaffected that taxpayers foot the bill to maintain their standard of living. Is there anything honorable about such self-centered demands? The protestors of the “occupy” movement claim that they are tired of the top 1% in America getting ahead, while they feel economic stagnation; this is certainly a sentiment shared by millions of Americans who aren’t engaged in such shenanigans, however, hard-working Americans recognize that socialism is the cause of this condition. It is certainly not the solution. The rise of collectivist economic policies in this country has led to an unholy alliance between big business and big government, which is destroying our free-market system. Take, for example, the government’s recent “venture socialism” (as opposed to private sector “venture capitalism”) whereby the Administration blew billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up green energy giant Solyndra, or the Treasury Department’s cash injections into big banks and big businesses such as Bank of America and General Motors. These economic atrocities were not the result of free-market capitalism, but the abandonment thereof.

In order to ensure that all Americans have economic opportunity, and that “we the 99%” have the financial freedom to pursue our dreams, we need less government wealth redistribution, not more. Despite the delusions of these “occupy” protestors, wealth redistribution under a socialist state almost always favor the politically well-connected and the powerfully elite, not the middle class or the lowest income earners. We would do well to heed the warning of fmr. President Gerald Ford who stated “a government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.” The protests of “Occupy Wall Street” are not the answer to America’s problem. Returning to the firm foundations of faith, family and free-market economics will ensure that our Nation is once again the land of opportunity. Ripping off the American people to pay-back someone’s student loans isn’t the path to economic security.

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