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Secure Borders and a Color Blind Society

In recent years there has been a divide in America that has been largely along the fault lines of race and ethnic heritage. We attempt to classify each ethnic group by hyphenating a dual identity. Examples would be Asian-American, African-American, and Hispanic American. These hyphenated titles are not only unnecessary, they are also un-American. Our national unity requires us all to see ourselves as Americans, one and all, simply Americans. We sometimes appear not to share a country but only an ethnic sub-group. We must not accept this mindset and we will not allow it.

In light of the recent unfair attacks against Senator Marco Rubio, and our national obsession with identity politics, I believe it’s time for us to reexamine who we are as a people, and what kind of country we’ll be in the years ahead. As the immigration debate is sure to reheat as the presidential contest intensifies, it is time to truly examine the fundamentals that make us all American. These fundamentals are found in the conservative ideas of freedom, justice, and faith

Our American Values have always been defined by our national faith and sense of morality. American Values, as it has been said, are a combination of morality and muscle; America’s mindset is sure-footed and confident. As we examine what should be done about immigration, these values should be presented in full-force.

Our shared national faith must be the guiding force in our decisions on how best to address America’s immigration crisis. Our nation is a nation of laws and immigrants, and you cannot have one without the other. Every American family can trace its origin to another place and time; we are all immigrants. While we address the immigration issue, let us keep this important fact in mind and realize that we can be a society that is both welcoming and law-abiding.

This being said, I also believe that preserving America’s unique national identity is crucial. Ensuring this survival will require the enforcement of our immigration laws without exception or condition. We are constantly debating how to implement a new set of immigration laws, to what end? America has extensive laws on immigration; we need only to enforce them fully.

The immigration issue must be targeted at fulfilling the promise of our national motto, E. Pluribus Unum- “out of many, one.” But it should also be done in light of our national identity, which in my opinion can be summed up in another uniquely American sentiment: In God We Trust.

Our national strength is derived from our national sense of virtue, and virtue does not exist in a vacuum. Christian Principles are the guiding values for our republic. Alexis De Tocqueville once stated, “There is no place on Earth where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has a greater hold on the hearts of men than in America.” I believe that this is largely still the case, and therein lies the hope for a stronger country.

It is time for our nation to realize the calling of our time: to be freedom’s light in a world of dark confusion. We must welcome immigrants when they enter our nation legally and with intent to become American. Three stipulations must never be compromised: Immigrants must learn English, American History, and American Civics before applying to citizenship. America must reestablish the value of citizenship, reaffirm our commitment to the values which give our nation meaning, and understand that every immigrant who embraces our national values makes our nation more American. It’s time to build a society that is truly “one out of many.” Our nation must be a nation of laws and justice while being a society that is welcoming. We must have secure borders and a colorblind society.

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