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The Year Ahead.

Tomorrow marks the last day of 2011, and the beginning of what will be one the most consequential years in American history. This year has brought tremendous challenge and difficulty to millions of Americans, as our economy remains stagnated and the promise of America is dimmer than it’s been in decades. All of us, regardless if we’re employed or unemployed, have a sense of unease about the future. That’s because, on top of economic woes, we’ve experienced a year of international upheaval, revolution and the threat of a rogue state going nuclear. All-in-all, not that comforting for folks from all walks of life.

Now, we stare into the great unknown of 2012, and hope for the best. There are already those prognosticators who are predicting the end of America as we know it, and the collapse of our very way of life. Don’t believe them. America’s future is still bright and promising, in spite of the silliness and downright stupidity in Washington. America isn’t great because our politicians have it pulled together; it is great in spite of them. The wisdom of our founders gave us a system of government that has within it the prescription for our national healing. The Constitution of our country provides a mechanism for the people of this free republic to press the “restart” button: it’s called an election.

I’m very confident that Barack Obama will be a one-term president. The American people voted for change in 2012, but his was not the change they were looking for. Much like Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, President Obama won the election talking like a conservative. Of course, in keeping with the Roosevelt comparison, the President did the exact opposite of what he claimed in 2008, and made President Bush’s financial recklessness look like penny-pinching. The American people have seen him for what he is: a radically left-wing President who pulled the wool over the eyes of the American public.

In 2012, America will have the opportunity to show the world the resilience of our nation. We will have the opportunity to demonstrate that our elections still matter and that, here in the United States, the rule of law is upheld and the voice of the people heard. Despite our many challenges, America still remains the most powerful, the greatest, country on the face of the Earth. Our economy still dwarfs that of our closest competitors, our military is still the greatest fighting force on the face of the planet and our Constitution is still the envy of freedom lovers the world over. God has shed His grace on our county. Now, it is time for us to rise up to defend our own honor, and to demonstrate to the God that gave us liberty that we’re committed to becoming people of character worthy of it.

May God Bless You and Yours, and May God Bless American in 2012.

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