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Muddying the Waters

One of the most misleading tactics in American politics is when proponents of a position create a cover for their true intent. This is grandly displayed in the current debate over contraception in our country. The Obama Administration and their leftist allies have tried to portray conservatives as anti-contraception when we’re truly pro-Constitution. No common sense conservative is opposed to the use of non-abortion inducing contraception; however, we are opposed to government mandates that trample the First Amendment protection of religious liberty.

Contraception is simply the front to the left’s sinister strategy to undermine the freedom of religion. Since they cannot simply state that they want to subvert the freedoms of free people, they have to couch the issue in the cliché that Republicans are against condoms and birth control. Again, what conservatives oppose is government mandates that force organizations that have a religious objection to certain contraceptives, like the Catholic Church, to offer them anyway. This is a break with our Constitutional system of limited government which protects the rights of individuals, and the religious and social organizations we form.

The reality is that the Obama healthcare takeover tramples the freedoms of millions of Americans, by forcing us into a mandated healthcare system most of us oppose. Included in the Administration’s mandates are forced funding of abortions, funding for abortion-inducing “morning after” pills and a litany of other questionable compulsions. As any attempt by the Administration to defend such dastardly practices is met with public outrage, they have resorted to muddying the waters. So, in order to ensure that their most egregious forced funding mandates are enforced, they’ve picked something innocuous and innocent like “contraception funding” as the Trojan horse (no pun intended) to smuggle in their socialist program.

Mark my words, the Obama Administration couldn’t care less if young guys and gals have free condoms and birth control pills. What they do care about is ensuring that their forced funding mandates, which put more power in the hands of bureaucrats in Washington, are implemented. If people know what these mandates truly fund, they’ll protest them en masse; therefore, the left has used contraceptives as the wool to wrap around the wolf of government-mandated healthcare.

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