The Left’s War on Reality

At a dinner party last evening a friend of mine asked, in a discussion about the seemingly illogical actions of too many in Washington, “wouldn’t you think they’d respond to logic?” This straightforward question provides an opportunity for us to pull back on the curtain on the psyche of the modern left. It does perplex millions of hardworking, common-sense Americans that our government seems content on running up debt of over $16 trillion, without blinking an eye. What’s equally perplexing is the number of American voters who say they’ll vote for the President and the congressmen and senators that voted for such spending in the first place. It does seem to defy logic, for those of us that base our logic on the truth.

The reason that so many “progressives” seem to have lost touch with reality is that they have a reality all their own. While most Americans still believe in those old-fashioned ideas of right and wrong, true and false, too many have simply moved on. This means that the post-modern philosophical position, which holds that all things are relative, has invaded the political arena. This moral and intellectual relativism holds only one thing as absolute (though that position in and of itself defies the whole notion of relativism) and that is that nothing is absolutely true. Inasmuch, everyone’s position, regardless of how far removed from reality, is to be given equal credibility except, of course, the positions of those who adhere to the Judeo-Christian Ethic.

The United States of America was founded on the Judeo-Christian belief that God is our rights Giver, and that truth is the foundation of freedom. As such, our government was structured to protect the rights given to us by God, while recognizing that there are absolutes that govern every area of life. This means that all laws, in order to be legitimate, must have at their core the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Recognizing and respecting reality about human nature, about mathematical constants and cultural principles made our nation exceptional; however, in our time, too many Americans, notably liberal political elites, espouse the notion that there is no absolute reality.

Let’s take the left’s assertion to its logical conclusion. Under their worldview that nothing is absolute, and that God is not the giver of our rights, then there are no grounds to condemn the likes of Adolf Hitler. By whose law shall Adolf Hitler be condemned if there is nothing absolute and true? The answer is that there are no grounds, under their worldview, to condemn the atrocities of Hitler, Mao, Stalin or any other potentate who raped and pillaged his people. I’d suggest that Adolf Hitler was not insane, but evil. Not illogical, but ill-intentioned. The reason for this assertion is that, in his worldview, that evolution is the process by which humans came to exist and would, eventually, conquer mortality, human life is not sacred. If evolutionary processes were to provide the super-human race that transcends death, he was on the right track.

In fact, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, had the same core convictions of Hitler himself. Sanger, like Hitler, believed that the human race needed to be purged of the weak, the disabled, the deaf and the mute. She pushed for mass abortions and forced sterilizations to prevent these lesser humans from reproducing. In fact, one of the posters that supported Sanger’s eugenics philosophy stated “Eugenics is the self direction of human evolution.” Eugenics, by the way, is the process of directing human populations by controlled breeding, to ensure that desirable hereditary characteristics are passed down. This is what Hitler was attempting to do through his elevation of an Aryan super race. It is the same thing Planned Parenthood still does by ensuring that abortions wipe out over a million American children every single year.

Is this philosophy of eugenics and self-directed human evolution insane? Not if you adhere to the worldview that man is nothing more than an evolved race from the animal kingdom. Under such a worldview, eugenics, mass genocide and infanticide makes logical sense. None of us in our right minds, however, would argue that it is right or moral. But, again, the post-modern relativistic worldview would have us believe that there are no absolute morals, either.

Are you beginning to see why the “progressive” left in this country seems so out of touch with reality? It’s because they have an entirely different reality than the majority of the American people, and than the American founders. So, as with eugenics, abortion, etc, the spending of $16 trillion we don’t have means nothing, if we believe, as does the hard left, that everything is relative. Remember the California public school math textbooks with the disclaimer reading “math is a man made construct best learned in the consensus of the majority?” This is effectively saying that, if the majority of the students in math class decide that 2+2=10, then it equals 10! Under such a system of thought, is it any wonder why some say that deficits don’t matter.

America has a debt problem. America has a death problem (abortion). America has an educational crisis. America is in constitutional crisis. All these problems and crises, however, stem from the underlying crisis of truth. The modern left has rejected God as our Ultimate Lawgiver, and has opened up Pandora ’s Box with regard to our culture and our economy. While past liberal presidents declared “War on Poverty” and “War on Drugs,” this President and his liberal allies in Congress have declared “War on Reality.”

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