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The Death Houses of Abortion Aren’t Limited to Philadelphia

NewbornBabyMillions of Americans were rightly appalled by recent revelations that Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell made millions by killing fully developed babies. Gosnell, a self-proclaimed women’s medical doctor, made millions by carrying-out partial birth abortions, and killing live born children with pairs of surgical scissors and other barbaric means of execution. While America’s abortion industry has kicked into damage-control overdrive, claiming that the horrors of Gosnell’s abortion clinic are irregularities in the industry, a preponderance of evidence is starting to indicate otherwise. It appears that Gosnell’s brutality is par for the course in an industry that undermines this nation’s civic culture and moral foundations.

Recently, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas took to the Senate floor to out another barbaric murderer in the abortion industry: Douglas Karpen of Houston. Apparently Karpen took Gosnell’s brutality to a whole other level; he murdered newborn infants with his bare hands. According to nurses who worked in Karpen’s clinic, he would literally twist off the heads of live-born infants marked for abortion and discard their bodies in pieces. This is brutality even on a level the Roman legions would have a hard time comprehending, and yet it happens in the suburbs of some of this nation’s most “civilized” cities and population centers. Something must be done to end this holocaust of the unborn and the wholesale slaughter of newborn babies in abortion clinics even after being born alive.

Thank God that, last year, due to an effort led by South Carolina Citizens for Life and their allies, including the Palmetto Conservative Alliance, our policy arm on Common Cents, this state has a Born Alive Infant Protection Act. This requires that any baby that survives an abortion in South Carolina must be given resuscitative treatment, and that every effort be made to save the child’s life. In other words, our state has taken serious steps in ensuring that such barbarism doesn’t occur in our borders. Nevertheless, the state of Texas has similar legislation in place, which didn’t stop killers like Karpen from murdering little babies in cold blood, with his bare hands.

It will take sustained state and national attention to this evil to ensure that it is not allowed to continue.

The abortion industry in America is the least regulated “health” service in the country. Abortion practices, due to political pressure, are given very little oversight and abortion clinics often go years, even decades, without undergoing any sort of inspection. This is an outrage; particularly at a time that the Federal government seems perfectly content to inject itself into every other aspect of private healthcare in this country. It is a political “convenience” that the abortion industry evades any sort of scrutiny.

For these reasons, I’d encourage all of you to call Senator Tim Scott and Senator Lindsey Graham, both pro-life leaders in the United States Senate, and tell them to support Utah Senator Mike Lee’s resolution that abortion practices be investigated in this country. We owe it to our civilization to provide oversight into this death industry called abortion, and we must protect the lives of women and children who are endangered in these butcher shops covered over as clinics. In addition to supporting our Senators as they support Senator Mike Lee’s resolution, we must also redouble our efforts here at home to ensure that abortion clinics are given fresh scrutiny in South Carolina. We must ensure that we pass powerful pro-life legislation in this state, and that this legislation is fully enforced and that our recently passed Born Alive Infant Protection Act is fully followed.

May God Bless the lives of those lost, and may He give us the resolve to honor them by ending this ongoing slaughter of innocence. God Have Mercy on America.

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