This high school valedictorian should get what he deserves!

RoyBCostnerYesterday, Josh said on Facebook that, if he were Governor, he would bestow the “Order of the Palmetto” on the valedictorian of Liberty High School in Pickens County who openly defied the Pickens County School Board’s attempts to shut down student prayer by praying during his valedictory address.

The Order of the Palmetto is South Carolina’s highest civilian honor, which is given to those who epitomize South Carolina values.  We at Common Cents believe that faith and freedom of religion are essential elements of South Carolina’s culture, and that defending them is deserving of high honor.

Since Josh isn’t currently Governor, the only award he can give today is the “Order of Common Cents,” which is why he’s welcoming Roy Costner, the brave student who stood-up to the secularization of Pickens County schools, to this afternoon’s program.

Join Josh and his very special guest, Liberty High School Class of 2013 Valedictorian Roy Costner, this afternoon at 5pm on Common Cents on 92.9FM / 660AM or listen online at www.joshkimbrell.com!

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8 Responses to "This high school valedictorian should get what he deserves!"

  1. Dana Mc says:

    Awesome Roy! Now I know why I haven’t seen you lately in the air…you’ve been concentrating on your grades. You’ll go far in life because you stick to your values. Thank you for being who you are.

  2. James says:

    How brave of him to pray a Christian prayer in a Christian majority society!

  3. john arlow says:

    Why is what he did so impressive?

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